October 6, 2019

2-Day Workshop on PHP & 2-Day Workshop on AdobeXD


The Software Development Club, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MVJCE, organized a 2-Day Workshop on PHP & a 2-Day Workshop on AdobeXD, on 20th and 21st September, 2019. The main aim of the Workshops was to introduce students to the field of Web Development and User Interface Design, and give a hands-on session on PHP and Adobe XD. The Workshop motivated the students to create web pages with connectivity in PHP, and creative user interface design in AdobeXD.

The Workshop on ‘PHP’ took place in Seminar Hall 4 and the Workshop on ‘AdobeXd’ took place in Seminar Hall 5.  The event began at 8:30 am on 20th September 2019, in the presence of Mrs. Santhiya M (Head of Department, CSE), Mrs. Sindhuja K (AP, CSE / SDC Coordinator) and Mrs. Deepa Acharya (AP, CSE).  54 participants took part in the ‘PHP’ Workshop and 46 in the ‘AdobeXD’ Workshop. The welcome address was given by Mrs. Sindhuja K, followed by a speech on the importance of the Workshop by Mrs. Santhiya M.

2-Day Workshop on PHP

The Workshop on PHP was handled by Mr. Saurav Mishra (Student, VII semester, CSE), on 20th September 2019. He started the Workshop with a Power Point presentation on ‘What is Web Development? Front end and Back end development and Features of XAMPP’. After the PPT presentation there was a short break, during which the doubts of students on installation were cleared. The Speaker continued the session, detailing the basics of HTML – this included different types of tags, different attributes, basic styling within HTML tags, and form tag with different methods to submit the form.

After the lunch break, the basics of PHP were covered. Starting with declaration of variable types of variables, Mr. Mishra continued his lecture, to talk about arrays, types of arrays, conditional statements and loops. The day ended with testing the understanding of the participants – simple problems were given to them and they had to write a code for these.

On 21st September 2019, the session started, connecting HTML with PHP. The different super global arrays present in PHP were discussed, and how these can be used to fetch data from HTML page using PHP. The session continued with SQL and how to save data fetched from the HTML page and save it into SQL database using PHP. After this, the students were asked to create a registration/login form for a booking app. As a fitting finale to the program, Mr. Sanatan (Alumni – MVJCE) gave a talk on how to build a start-up and become an entrepreneur in this field.

2 -Day Workshop on AdobeXD

The workshop on ‘AdobeXD’ was handled by Mr. Rohit (Student, VII semester, CSE), on 20th September 2019, and by Mr. Himanil Gole (Alumni – MVJCE) on 21st September 2019. On Day 1, the Workshop started with an introduction to the design tool Adobe XD, career opportunities in the field and the resources available for UI/UX design. After tea break, participants had a hands-on in AdobeXD, by designing a user interface for a Booking App. Post lunch, the participants were divided into groups, and different themes was given for which they designed a user interface. The day ended with a review of the designs done by the participants.

On 21st September 2019, the session started with the problem-solving approach called the LDJ (Lightning Decision Jam). The participants were given the problem of ‘Bangalore Traffic’, and using this approach, they were able make speedy decisions. By having each participant taking time to come up with novel ideas, it was ensured that everyone’s opinions were heard. Then, all came together to find the best ones, based on a vote which allowed the participants to select the best solutions. This process guaranteed that they learnt quickly from their mistakes. The feedback of the participants was sought.

After tea break, the session was handled by Mr. Himanil (Alumni – MVJCE). He discussed about ‘What is good design and bad design? What is user experience? What are the tools required for user interface design?’ After lunch, the participants had a hands-on in creating a user interface using FIGMA. The participants learnt about design thinking, and how to apply design thinking in a given project. They were also encouraged to think creatively, and add features to their design. The session ended with Q&A session on UI/UX field. The questions were taken by the Guests Mr. Himanil Gole and Mr. Swagato (Alumni – MVJCE).


The Workshops provided a good platform for the students to get hands-on experience in web development and designing, and explore their programming and creative skills. It was a forum for students to understand the importance of web development and UI/UX design.