Apart from the Academics growth and contribution for which the college has been established 35 years ago, there have been individual areas in which the College along with its students have striven to excel. The following areas are noteworthy.


 NI LabVIEW Academy:

MVJCE collaborated with National Instruments for establishing a Centre of Excellence
with  a  lab  on  LabVIEW.  The  lab  is  used  to  train  and  certify  MVJCE  students  on
the LabVIEW Platform. Students use this lab to develop projects and conduct research and
analysis in collaboration with MVJCE Faculty members. It’s an esteemed honor that 5 faculties and 5 students of our college have cleared the CLAD examination and are certified by the NI. Around eight FDP’s were conducted successfully by the certified faculties in association with NI Academy members. Six batches of students were trained effectively on the Graphical Programming on LabVIEW. MVJCE is recognized with LabVIEW Academy Award by National Instruments of India on the occasion of NI day 2014, at a function held in Bangalore, India on 18/9/2014.

NI (National Instruments) Labview Coding Competition and other Event Details:

  1. Intra college coding competition was conducted by the NI Academy, participation was effective and prizes were distributed to the winners.
  2. A Guest lecture was organized on the same day of the intra college coding competition on the topic “Recent Products developed by the NI” and participation certificates were issued to all the trainees in both the batches through the college.
  • Our students regularly participate in the competition organized by NI and bagged prizes, awards in the competition like NI yantra.

Placements through NI (National Instruments) Labview:

Some of our college students are placed in NI (National Instruments), also some of the students has been trained by NI and have successfully lead to entrepreneurs using NI tools.

  1. Robotics and Industrial Automation:

MVJCE collaborated with M/s Robolab Technologies Pvt. Lts and established Robotics and Industrial automation Research Centre in 2015. Under this center of excellence, College conducts Hands-on training and workshops on robotics and automation in different levels.

L1 training: Introduction to Robotics using AVR microcontroller family module mainly for first year students which will be conducted in even semester.

L2 training:  Innovation and Creative training in Robotics based on Arudino mainly for second year students which will be conducted in even semester.

L3 training: Advanced training Module is conducted in odd semester of every academic year for the students who have knowledge in robotics field.

L4 training: Final year project oriented training module is guided by Robolab trainers in completing the projects. These trainings encourage the students towards spending more time in the Robolab and to be part of it.

  1. Infosys Campus Connect:

The core of the CC program is the Foundation Program (FP) that represents the Intellectual Property and experience of Infosys in training thousands of entry-level engineers from heterogeneous backgrounds and disciplines to deliver world-class projects to global customers. The purpose of Campus connect FP courseware is to provide a unique set of teaching aids, consolidated training material to the college faculty to help them make students industry ready. This courseware has been used by Infosys along with train entry level            engineers.
Highlights of this program:

  • Covers essential generic topics like
    • Object Oriented Programming using Java
    • Relational Database Management System
    • Software Engineering and Introduction to UI (User Interface) and Web Technology
  • Assignments, case studies, student notes.

Current Status and progress include:

Batches Completed: 20; Sponsorship Received: 1;; Batches in Progress: 3. More than 1000 students had undergone this program and benefited by the training providedOur students also participated in coding contest called “Aspiration 2020”.


  1. Collaborations:



Spoken Tutorial Project is an initiative from IIT-Bombay, supported by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India. The project provides online tutorials for students to learn new technologies. Our college, MVJCE, Bangalore is working as a Resource Center for promoting the Spoken Tutorial Project since 2013. The college started conducting workshops and Faculty development programs (FDP) since 2012 on various technologies like, Latex, Linux, C/CPP, Perl, java, netbeans, phyton etc. The technologies are not limited to only CSE/ISE branches but open for all other branches. They provide tutorials for the technologies used in almost every domain.

The project provides opportunities for students to learn and get the training completion certificates from IIT-Mumbai. After each workshop, the students have to undergo for the test and on clearing the same they get a certificate. The workshops are free of cost and the students need not to pay anything for the trainings being provided. MVJCE has been identified as Nodal Centre for IIT Bombay – Spoken Tutorial.

MVJCE ECE Department tie-up with ISAC:

MVJ College of Engineering has become a partner of ISRO’s IRNSS project. MOU has been signed between ISRO and MVJCE on 07th Dec 2015. IRNSS Navigation Receiver will be installed in MVJCE for field trial and data collection. Space Application Centre (SAC) Ahmedabad has approved 3 research projects.SAC has provided one year TEC ( Total Electron Content) data of Bangalore and Delhi for the initial study.  Training on Ionospheric data archival & data analysis report was given by Dr. Surendra Sunda, Senior Manager AAI to faculty and students on 12th Dec 2015.

  1. IIPC Cell:

Industry – Academia Collaboration is a very important initiative to facilitate opportunities for Internship, Field visits, Campus Placements and Projects. Our students in the past have successfully completed projects with HAL, NAL, DRDO, ISRO, etc.

Three students of ECE Department have successfully completed Employment Enhancement Training Program conducted by BSNL in association with AICTE during fifth, sixth and seventh semesters. They are now certified by BSNL as BSNL Silver certified Engineer, BSNL Gold Certified Engineer and BSNL Platinum certified Engineer.

IIPC cell organized Industry Institute Partnership Workshop on "Skill Development in Engineering Sector" during 3-4 April 2017. 9 eminent guests from industries and other organizations have participated in the workshop. About selected 450 student participants of pre-final year benefited from the workshop.


Industry Academia Meet: MVJ College of Engineering hosted a Meet on Industry – Academia Collaboration on September 22, 2017 at the Smt. Rajalakshmi Seminar Hall. The event was presided over by Dr B.N. Suresh, President, Indian National Academy of Engineering and Mr Mohandas U., President, Consortium of Electronics Industries Karnataka (CLIK). The event was graced by sixteen industry participants, distinguished members of the Governing Council of the MVJCE and Shri M J Balachandar, Chairman, MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE). CLIK offered to enter into a memorandum of understanding for internships and other collaborations with SMEs that would work out efficiently.

  1. Research & Development Activities:

The College holds a Research Cell comprising the great talents from ISRO, DRDO, and GTRE etc., to guide students and faculties on a specific academic interest.

VTU approved Department of Mechanical, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Physics and Chemistry as Research Center to carry out academic Research and Doctoral Program.  MVJCE is chosen as a centre by ISRO for IRNSS receiver evaluation.

Research Proposals have been submitted to the Government agencies and the funding has been granted to carry out projects like Study of technological important oxides at nano dimensions. Dr. Bhujangao Rao, Former Director General, DRDO for Naval Systems & Materials, ‎ISRO Chair Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, guides R & D Cell of the college and has been providing the right motivation to research initiatives.

  1. Patents:


  1. Provisional patent numbered 1967/CHE/2015 dated 16-04-2015 was filed by Amardeep A, Professor, AE, MVJCE and Hamid Isakhani, VIII Sem, AE, MVJCE for the project “AN IMPROVED INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING MICRO UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE FOR RESCUE OPERATION”.


  1. Product Development:
  1. a) Touch screen application “Kiosk for MVJCE (MVJ WAY FINDER)”,developed by CSE(Computer Science) student named Ankit Kumar Ojha , where the application has the following Features that creates a model for the campus with the facility to illuminate a location when the name is clicked, display photos and videos depicting the features of the college and the events happened in the college, it also give a visitor the inside view of the entire college, so that navigation could be easy and convenient and displays Every day events in the college can be displayed and details about the event can be linked.
  2. b) GO KARTING

A Go-kart is a small four-wheeled vehicle, racing machines fabricated by the group of students from Mechanical Engineering Department looking into the various design consideration meeting international standards.

  • Mechanical Department students already fabricated 3 Karts and won prizes in the leading competitions conducted at National level such as GKDC Challenge by ISNEE.
  • One ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is under fabrication level.
  • One Team is being prepared for mega event BAJA by SAE.
  1. c) Canoe Boat

The students from department of civil engineering, MVJ College of Engineering designed and built a concrete canoe to seat two people to row the canoe. This project was undertaken for a national level competition conducted by IIT Madras in association with the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) during August 22nd & 23rd 2015 at IIT, Chennai.

MVJCE is the only college in Karnataka State participated in the competition. The students were able to complete the project on time by overcoming the challenges with respect to the design and fabrication of the concrete canoe as per the stipulation of the competition.

IIT Madras gave a cheque for Rs.20,000 to the MVJCE students in recognition of their efforts in developing the Canoe.

  1. d) MVJCE students develop tricycle that runs on water" - The tricycle has been designed as a step towards reducing pollution on Indian roads with an edge to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.
  2. e) Students of MVJCE design and develop a prototype for clean toilets in trains. The prototype has been highly appreciated by the Department of Railways.
  3. f) Students of MVJCE design intelligent traffic management system. The prototype is being tested with real world conditions.


  1. Indo-Universal collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE):

MVJ College of Engineering Bangalore had enrolled as IUCEE consortium in the year 2015, with an aim to build a solid base for engineering education and research by strengthening the four pillars of education:

  1. Learner-centric teaching
  2. Research excellence
  3. Outcomes based quality supported by accreditation
  4. Innovation and entrepreneurship

Since from April 2015, MVJCE has organized a regional level workshop for students and a faculty development workshop that includes topics on student centric learning in association with IUCEE-SPEED. Our faculties had attended over 200 webinars conducted by IUCEE which mainly focus on topics relevant to current classroom teaching pedagogy, outcome based education and objectives and various trend software platforms.

8 a. Course curriculum conducted by Aeronautical Department:

A short course for Aeronautical 7th Semester Students (Final year students) was conducted that covered the following aspects of Airframe Structural Analysis and Design during the Academic Year 2015-16. The course covered concepts on Airframe Structural Design, Aero elasticity, Advance Composite Structures, Smart Materials, Structures & Systems, Structural Repair Schemes and Airworthiness Approach & Structural Fatigue, where each topics were organised as independent units in the syllabus.

Visiting faculties with Industrial & R&D experience handled these courses who were eminent scientist from NAL and ISRO Organization.

8 b. Course curriculum conducted by Mechanical department:-

A short course for Mechanical department 6th semester students is designed covering the aspects of “Gas turbine technology” during the academic year 2015-16. The course covers concepts on gas turbine fundamentals, gas turbine performance, mechanical integrity and material technology. It is a 40 hour course conducted over and above the curriculum for the pre final year mechanical students. Each topic is organized as independent units and the experts from DRDO with R&D experience are handling these units.

  1. Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC):

 Entrepreneur Development Cell, which was inaugurated in October 2015 by world renowned Dr Anil Gupta, Founder of Honey Bee Network, IIM Ahmedabad. This Cell has created a platform named Idea Box linked to MVJCE website which serves the purpose of receiving the student ideas. The ideas focus on developing projects relevant to various in-house projects which include Automatic Fuel Evacuation, Thermo coal House, Recycling wastages to produce components to aircrafts, Smart Gas stove, Medical Drones, Office Peon Robot & Emergency Response Traffic Signaling System. Some of considerable societal projects include Women Empowerment, Sound city, Profit from waste, Hybrid Energy Harvesting. Some of considerable Business ideas projects include Book Buddies, Getting Tailored, and Smart Digital Advertisement in cars and Greenville - e-commerce which will be initiated by various department students of MVJCE.

EDC has shortlisted around 14 best final year projects completed by our students from 2013 onwards nominated and applied the same for GYTI (Young Gandhian Technological Innovation) National awards 2016 from various departments of CSE,ISE,TE,CH,ECE and EEE.

Students presented their ideas and the shortlisted ideas are converted into projects or products. They are categorized into 3 groups as in-house projects, societal and business ideas. Management of MVJCE has graciously come forward to fund the projects under IEDC. The student teams received Rs 2 Lakhs funding and were actively involved in making their prototypes ready for the Innovation day celebrations and National level Project Expo.

MVJCE celebrated the innovation day on 29th of April 2016, to encourage the creative ideas of the emerging engineers. The prime focus of the day was to elicit, exhibit, evaluate the student talents and rewarding them. To make the celebration out in front, the college organized a National Level Project Expo and Competition also on the same day. The National Level Project Expo and Competition, with the leadership from eminent professional bodies like CSI and IETE, attracted the best student projects from eminent technical colleges across India. Projects from all engineering disciplines were suitable for the Expo. Visitors to this exceptional event gained a worthwhile learning experience. The Projects were evaluated by judges from eminent corporate. Three best projects from each of the categories were selected as the winners and were awarded with Rs.25000 cash prize each. Nine good projects were awarded with commendation prizes of rupees Rs.5000 each.

The Innovation Day and National Level Project Expo 2017” day on 28th of October 2017, to encourage the creative ideas of the emerging engineers. The prime focus of the day was to elicit, exhibit, evaluate the student talents and rewarding them.

  1. Tomorrow’s Engineers club:

Tomorrow’s Engineers club was incepted on 11th March 2016 under the guidance of Dr. B.N. Suresh, Chairman, Governing Council, MVJCE and President INAE and inaugurated by Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Former Head , ISRO.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers club provides opportunities for students to interact with other fellow students from various domain and develop team spirit, leadership and practical skills. The motive of the Club is to make the participants understand an objective of an engineer. An engineer has to think out of the box and apply engineering principles with knowledge in mathematics and basic sciences to solve open ended problems that have societal impact. Many workshops have been conducted regularly since inception.

  1. Tinkering lab:

MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore, students are encouraged to innovate and discover the joy of creation.  This activity is facilitated through establishment of Tinkering Lab.  Tinkering Lab is dedicated space in the College campus to explore ideas, experiencing the process of creation of technology from ideation to prototyping. The Lab provides basic machinery, materials, tools and instruments for crafting their imagination. Students across all departments of the college can access the lab at their convenience.

  1. Astronomy Club:

Astronomy club was inaugurated on 8th September 2015 by Dr P Sri Kumar, Director, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. Students visit Planetarium, and Observatory to observe terrestrial and celestial events. Students are also trained to make Telescope. The students are developing Radio telescope in MVJCE.

  1. UAV Lab:

One of the critical areas that the Indian Government and agencies are seriously working on is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which can be well utilized for National security. In preview of that, UAV club has been inaugurated to engage students in this critical area. Workshop on “aero modeling” was conducted to design a functional aircraft model by the provided constructional material. Medical Drone is being developed by students of UAV Club.

UAV Lab helps the students to learn and understand the design and fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It encompasses the application of Aerodynamics and stability in a real aircraft model and helps the students to get a hands on understanding in Aeronautical Engineering. UAV Lab conducts workshops for helping the students in fabricating the model aircrafts. In the UAV Lab, students have created many models of different types via Quad copters, Hex copters, and fixed wing aircrafts which are in the UAV lab and are to be modified to improve their performance.

  1. Department/Technical Club:

Apart from the College level technical forums, every Department has a focused technical clubs which brings opportunity for Networking and Collaborations on specific deep dive of topics of academic interest. Regular activities are being conducted to enhance the technical strength of students.

  1. SPEED [Student Platform for Engineering Education Development]

To provoke engineering students across India to be more involved in improving their learning methods by implementing action plans developed during the SPEED workshops, foster research with interest by using resources , contacts and become a global engineer by being a part of larger student network “SPEED”.


IEEE  Student  Branch,  MVJCE  is  registered  under  the  Bangalore  Section.  It  covers
Branch Administration, Branch Operations, Membership, Fundraising, Professional Awareness and technical activities for students. The Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is world's largest professional Engineering society. A student branch gives students the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students as well as faculty members and professionals in the field. Student branch activities offer numerous Educational, Technical and Professional advantages of IEEE.

  1. Success story of a student in IS department who had created an app which is downloaded by thousands of people.

Description of App “AARTI SANGRAH”:

The final year student named Rajat Agarwal has developed a  windows 8 app “ AARTI SANGRAH “,devotional app enclosing various playbacks of devotional songs using. Technology C#.NET in Visual Studio IDE.


            ME department is conducting in-house training for the students to attend the GATE exam. The classes are conducted by GATE qualified faculties and around 20 students had registered and are attending the classes. The classes are conducted during holidays and after working hours. MVJCE has signed MOU with M/s Allen gate and conducts series of online tests.

  1. Students Achievements:

Students are continuously motivated to participate in National level technical competitions by providing appropriate help and resources. This helped our students to win prizes in IIT Madras on Canoy Boat Competitions, Wind Energy projects. Students are well supported technically and financially by the College to bring out and showcase their talents. Our MVJCE students recently have participated in various National Level Competition and few won prices which are listed below:

  1. The 3rd year student of Telecom department named Goutham R has won III prize worth Rs.50, 000 in National Level Video Game Fest 2015 organized by VTU in association with NVIDEA & LOGITECH on 16th October 2015.
  2. The 3rd year student of EEE and Civil department have won 4th place in the national level quiz conducted by BEL (Bharath Electronics Ltd).
  3. Mr Omkar Shriram Lawate, fifth semester Aeronautical student has won the gold medal in the NDRF National Student Design Competition-2017.
  4. Vikas M Vasudevan, fifth semester Aeronautical student has won the Bronze medal in the NDRF National Student Design Competition-2017.
  5. Mr SYED AATIF AHMED and team have won second prize in Robo soccer and third prize in Robo War held at Madras Institute of technology, Chennai on 4th March 2017.
  6. Mr MUHAMMAD SAFWAT HUSSAIN and team have won second prize in Robo Sumo held at BITS, Pilani in the month of Feburary 2017.
  7. Ms Sameena Banu H S and Ms Swathi from 6th semester, ISE Department got merit certificate(ranking below 1500) in the second Engineering olympoid in Feburay 2017.
  8. Mr Gaurab Ganguly, Mr Vadiraj, Mr Harsh Makadia and Mr Rakshit Shenoy from 6th semester, ISE Department had successfully cleared NPTEL Online certification Programme conducted by  VTU e -Learning centre, Mysuru in March 2017.
  9. MVJCE UNIVERSITY Ranks Details:

Students of MVJCE have secured 125 University ranks in the last 10 years alone. MVJCE has secured 21 university ranks in the last year. The various department students like Aeronautical engineering has secured 6 ranks, Chemical department 2 university ranks, medical electronics 2 ranks. MVJCE is postioned at 4th place in VTU at UG level by securing 12 ranks and th palce in VTU at PG level by securing 9 ranks.

  1. Recognition for Rank Holders:

As a great culture, the meritorious students who are securing University ranks are recognized during Founder’s day with a cash award of Rs 1 Lakh per head during Founder’s day. The College Sponsors Dr M V Jayaraman Memorial Gold medal awards to 2 students separately under VTU for securing first two ranks in VTU

  1. High Ranking for Sports:

The College is ranked among the top 5 in VTU for Sports. Students are encouraged and trained to participate in National & International tournaments. Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Kho-kho, Table tennis, Badminton and Kabaddi teams represent the College in various competitions across the state and have won many accolades. The College has a large indoor gymnasium facility with areas marked for Yoga, weight training, and cardio exercises.

Dr M V Jayaraman Memorial Cricket Tournament:

This tournament is regarded the best in the University. State -wide, Colleges look forward to participate and take home the coveted and respected Dr M V Jayaraman Memorial Cricket Cup.

Smt Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Inter-Collegiate Volleyball Tournament:

Initiated to develop and support Volleyball, the tournament today is witness to participation in extensive numbers.


MVJCE students have won 2 gold and 3 bronze medals in VTU SINGLE ZONE JUDO AND WRESTLING,  conducted in the month of October 2015. Our Student has won 4th place in the VTU Inter Collegiate Single Zone Best Physique Tournament in September 2017.

MVJCE students have won 3 gold,2 bronze medals and also overall  Champions in the VTU SINGLE ZONE JUDO AND WRESTLING , conducted in the month of October 2017.  MVJCE students have won 1 gold, 1 bronze in the VTU Inter Collegiate Athletic Meet (Men & Women), conducted in the month of November 2017.

  1. Vertechx:

Vertechx, a tech fest is a yearly event conducted at National level to bring out and show case the talents across the country on various key Engineering Disciplines. Renowned speakers from industry deliver talk on industrial revolution, innovation and responsibility of students to play a pivotal role on technology for India. Students are rewarded with huge prize money worth Rs 3 Lacks to further deep dive into their projects/conception.

  1. Swayam:

The annual cultural festival hosts over 50 colleges from around the state to compete, display and prove their excellence in extracurricular activities. Theatre club, Music club, Dance club and Fine arts club motivates students to develop interests in these areas. Swayam has featured performances by popular artistes and bands, including Synapse, Parikrama, Swaratma, Euphoria, Bombay Vikings and All the Fat Children.

  1. Theatre Club:

The students in the Theatre club are professionally trained by one of the city’s leading theatre groups. The initiative also enables the students to improve their communication and presentation skills giving a boost to their confidence. The students have won accolades in the film making competitions.

Our team (Raagabhinaya productions) has participated under the student category in the Yes bank competition,'YES I AM THE CHANGE'. This YES BANK event has emerged as as the world’s largest social film movement with over 5 lakh youth participants from 2,500 cities and towns across India.

Our students choose the theme of 'RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP’,It was 101 hour challenge which means that the participants had to complete the film in 101 hours . The film was uploaded on the YES bank site and the popular choice award was opened. Among 82 films uploaded, our film ranked 4th and it stood 5th in the jury round.  The jury included eminent film and media personalities, corporate leaders and educationists including Anu Aga, Vikas Bahl, Prasoon Joshi, Pritish Nandy, Piyush Pandey, Dr. Indu Shahani amongst others.

The team Raagabhinaya productions will be now going to Mumbai for the award ceremony on the 27th of this month to receive cash award of Rs one lakh.

The team includes the following students from various department listed below

Dharam Veer(III year, EC) , Sainath (IV year, EEE) ,

Gourav(IV year EEE), Asmi (II year,EC), Harish (IV year ,AE) & Adithya (II year)


  1. Literary Club:

It is a vital forum for the students to prepare and improve their elocution and debating ability to improve communication and help during campus Placements. A Literary club has three chapters for Quiz, Oratory and Pen craft.

  1. NSS:

NSS is a forum which brings maturity to the students to continuously contribute to the environment and the society by serving underprivileged and needy. Anti-Tobacco rally, Plastic free zone, Rally against use of ceramics and dies are some of the notable events. The anti- tobacco rally organized by MVJCE was kick started by the Minister for Health Mr Khadar from our campus to the other areas in whitefield.

Our NSS team of student and faculty coordinators are conducting soft skills training for an orphanage near K.R.Puram where 40 kids reside. As part of this course, they are conducting spoken English classes, computer fundamentals, pencil sketching and painting, art and craft, health/environmental awareness, education on first aid. Culture of Karnataka, cultural program etc. Our NSS team is conducting these classes on Saturday afternoons and the kids are highly benefited because of such exposure.

  1. State of the Art smart computing facilities with Data centre for analytics 

Internet plays an important role in todays’ era for the students to learn and execute projects. Also, it helps to learn lectures from Premiere Institutes such as IITs, NITs, and IISC remotely with the help of the state of the art Data centre. This Data centre houses a super computer of sorts and has a very high end specification capable of huge computing facilities. The entire Campus is equipped with Wi-Fi facility enabling students to access resources at any time.

  1. Book publications:-

Our faculties are well experienced and have published many books. Few books published by our faculties are listed below.

  1. Gupta, Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering published two books on “Aerodynamics analysis and design”, “aerodynamics airworthness, 2005”.
  2. Sanchari Saha, Assistant professor, Department of Computer science and Engineering published a book on “Object oriented analysis and design pattern”.
  3. Naveen.M.P, Assistant professor, Department of Civil Engineering published a book on “Theory of elasticity and plasticity”.
  4. Anupama, Assistant professor, Department of Civil Engineering published a book on “Treatment of spent wash using Microbial Fuel Cell followed by RBC”.
  5. Subhir Ray, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering published two books on “An introduction to high voltage engineering” and “Electrical power system concepts theory and practice”.
  6. Gayathri Nagarajan, Assistant professor, Department of Information Science Engineering published a book on “Practical concepts of Database Management systems”.
  7. Hariprasad, Assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering published a book on “Rapid prototyping”.
  8. Latha Shanmugam, Professor, MCA department published two books on “Software project management” and “Software engineering”.
  9. Abhay Kumar, Assistant professor, MCA department published a book on “Programming using C# and .NET”.
  10. Pradeep, Assistant professor, MCA department published a book on “Computer networks”.
  11. Srabani Ghosh, Professor, Department of chemistry published a book on “Potentially better alternative for on surface DNA detection”.


  1. Using technology in education:-

‘Technology in education’ is a hot topic spoken today all over the world and many conferences are conducted on this topic. We use NPTEL videos in our classes to ensure that students understand the concepts in depth. NPTEL videos are part of our time table and many good NPTEL online courses are pursued by our students and faculties. We also use “Learning management system” to ensure that students are getting all the learning materials from this portal.  In case the student miss any class, he or she can go through the LMS materials and get themselves ready for the next class with the topics they had missed out.


  1. Knowledge sharing sessions:-

We believe in knowledge sharing sessions among students and faculties. Students who have developed prototype or have come out with good projects conduct a knowledge sharing session to other students sharing their practical knowledge. They demonstrate their prototype explaining them the technical details of the same. This motivates the other students and becomes the seed for the next project. One such session was conducted by Mr.Jarvis, a student of AE department on developing UAVs. One other session conducted recently was by Mr.Hariharan, ECE student on raspberry pi technology. Faculties also conduct knowledge sharing sessions after attending workshops or conferences to share the knowledge they had gained in it with others.


  1. Software development club:-

MVJCE had inaugurated the “Software development club” on 10-2-2016. Mr.Atanu Dasgupta, R&D engineer from HP had inaugurated the club. Many projects and android applications are developed by students and faculties through this club. One such application developed by the student is sending a notification of all the events through mobile app to all our students. One more application developed by another team of students is to place request for library books by students for which librarian will respond online. Many such in-house projects are in progress as part of this club. Seminar on Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program and Microsoft Office Specialists Certification program was conducted  to crearte awareness on Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS) certification program and how to become a MSP.  Various training sessions on PHP, Python, Photoshop, VB.net are conducted. The main focus is to train students on different design tools , scripting language and programming language to  develop the application development skills.



MVJCE is transforming the face of higher education and research, through a revolutionary new educational tool – virtual labs. MVJCE has been shortlisted for Nodal Centre Program of VALUE to establish Virtual lab. The VALUE Initiative is a project dedicated to developing these virtual labs in various science and engineering disciplines. In the first phase, virtual labs have been established in the fields of Electrical (Electric Circuits) and Mechanical Sciences (Solar Energy). Virtual labs are media-rich online learning environments, which allow users to conduct physical laboratory experiments in a computer-simulated environment. This innovative new educational technique is enabling experimentation beyond the boundaries of traditional laboratories.

34.NPTEL Online Courses

NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc. Through this initiative, open online course for certification July 2016 has been started. Several faculty members from various discipline registered for these online courses in their respective domains / field of interest. 5 students (4 from IS, one from EEE) successfully cleared NPTEL online course Examination on Python Programming.


  1. FSIPD (Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development) Programme for Faculty:

Mr. Vasantha Kumar Narayan from Robert Bosch, member of Governing Council conducted Faculty Development Programme under NASSCOM – FSIPD (Foundation Skill in Integrated Product Development) from 1st week of June to 1st week of July 2016 on every Saturday. Faculty got trained in the foundation skills and the same will be disseminated to other faculty members

The FSIPD Programme scheduled in June – July 2016 was completed with benefit to faculties, since it provided opportunity to understand industry requirement on product development. Council placed on record the efforts put forth by Mr.Vasantha Kumar Naraya in conducting this programme. Mr.Vasantha Kumar appreciated the dedication of faculties who attended the programme and suggested that this programme can be arranged for students at the end of 4th& 5th semester and students can take it up as project for product development.

A 5 day Student Development Programme on “Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development” (FSIPD) was exclusively organized for the benefit of the students from 14th to 18th Feb’2017. 50 students from various branches actively participated in the programme. Mr. Vasanth Kumar Narayan – GC Member will review the student ideas. Two products have been developed by the faculty members who have attended FSIPD Programme conducted in the month of June’2016.

Evaluation session for Student development program on FOUNDATION SKILL IN INTEGRATED PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (FSIPD) on 4th March, 2017. The occasion was graced by guest speakers, Mr. Vasantha Kumar Narayan, General Manager, Robert Bosch, and Bangalore. Two Projects, Electronic Smart Kitchen Shelves and Event Management (MVJCE INSTANT UPDATES) were selected as good Projects out of seven projects.

  1. PDP training Programmes:

160 hours of targeted training is provided to all the students. The training and development programmes are designed to improve confidence levels, analytical thoughts, presentation skills, communication skills and technical knowhow.

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