September 17, 2019

A Guest Lecture on “Enterprise Computing and the Opportunities in Industry” on 7th September 2019


The department of CSE, MVJ College of Engineering organized a Guest Lecture on “Enterprise Computing and the Opportunities in Industry ” on 7th September 2019 by Mr. Pearlson Christopher (IBM GTS Services, Bangalore). The purpose of this guest lecture was to give an overview of the modern mainframe, its concepts and features and their role in enterprise computing.

The event began at 9.30 a.m. at Smt. Rajalakshmi Seminar Hall, MVJCE. There was a total of 100 participants from Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The welcome address was given by Manvi (Student/CSE). Manvi introduced the guest to the audience. Dr Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal, MVJCE) welcomed guest MrPearlson Christopher (IBM GTS Services, Bangalore) with a bouquet. After this Dr Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal, MVJCE) gave a small talk for students. Then session was then taken over by Mr.Pearlson Christopher (IBM GTS Services, Bangalore).

Participants for Guest Lecture on “Enterprise Computing and the opportunities in industry ” on 7th September 2019 conducted by Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram welcoming the Guest Mr. Pearlson Christopher with a bouquet.

Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram addressing the students.

The session commenced with a brief introduction to enterprise computing. Mr. Christopher talked about the different challenges faced by enterprises and the opportunities available for computer science engineer as software developer. He also mentioned infrastructure services available and the trends in technology ‘Millennials to GENERATION Z JOBS’. Mr.Pearlson gave a brief information about IBM and IBM Z” a family name used by IBM for all its mainframe computers in IBM. He gave a 50+ years history of IBM Mainframe.

Sir talked about IBM Mainframe Myths and how these myths are busted. He then explained the wow factors for IBM mainframe. He informed the students about the career opportunities in mainframe computing. He explained the students the importance of mainframe computing for enterprise computing. Sir informed the students about IBM Mainframe Initiatives for Universities which includes IBM Z Academic Initiative Program,Mainframe Internship Program and Mainframe Global Events for Students.

He motivated students to explore jobs with mainframe. The session culminated with a Q/Asessionwhere few students cleared their doubt related to mainframe and enterprise computing.

The Vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Sheetal Garg (AP/CSE).

Mr. Pearlson Christopher delivering his lecture on ‘Enterprise Computing and the Opportunities in Industry’.

Mr. Pearlson Christopher clearing the doubts of the students.

Outcome of the Guest Lecture

  1. Busted myths about Mainframe
  2. How mainframes contribute to enterprise computing
  3. Career opportunities as mainframe engineer
  4. Initiative by IBM for University