October 6, 2019

A Guest Lecture on ‘Pitfalls in Soil Investigations and the Consequential Failures of Structures’, on 31st August, 2019


A Guest Lecture on ‘Pitfalls in Soil Investigations and the Consequential Failures of Structures’ was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, MVJCE, on 31st August 2019, at 10:00 am, in Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall. 150 students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of the Civil Engineering Department participated in this program. The objective of the session was to make students understand that in Civil Engineering professional practice, the methods of investigation procedures can maximize the risk of structural durability and life. Therefore, it is always recommended to perform appropriate and accurate soil investigations, to reduce the risks and failures. Standard processes and quality assurance investigation procedures are required to be followed, for minimizing the risks and improving the overall engineering performance of the structure. It is an engineer’s responsibility to implement the specified standards and testing codes along with the skills and techniques for adopting the best engineering practices, to meet the emerging needs of construction activities in the engineering environment.

The Guest Lecture started with the arrival of the dignitaries on the dais. The dignitaries present were Dr. B R Srinivasa Murthy (Professor (Retd.), Civil Engineering Department, IISc Bengaluru, also an advisory consulting Civil Engineer), Dr Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal, MVJCE), Prof. Brindha M (Vice Principal, MVJCE) and Prof. Muralidhara R (Head of Civil Engineering Department, MVJCE). The Master of Ceremonies was Prof. Apoorva Kiran (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering). Prof. Muralidhara R delivered the welcome address, welcoming the Chief Guest, Principal, Vice Principal and the gathering. The opening remark was given by Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram.

The session was then taken over by the Guest Speaker Dr. B R Srinivasa Murthy. He started by giving a brief introduction about Geotechnical Engineering concepts. He gave information on the codal provisions, also speaking about its drawbacks. It was an eye opener when he contradicted the theoretical and practical aspects that are normally followed. He then focussed on real time problems, with respect to soil investigations. He gave many live examples of investigations, and the solutions that he had given for the structures constructed in Bengaluru. He spoke in favour of safe construction versus economic construction, and advised students to think and perform, rather than following any codes or text books blindly. He presented many images of failures of structures, and the remedial measures taken to rectify these. The session culminated with a Q/A session, where students clarified their doubts. Overall, the session was very interesting and interactive.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Apoorva Kiran, extending gratitude to the esteemed Chief Guest, and to the Principal and Vice Principal for their constant support and encouragement, and to Prof. Muralidhara R, Head of Civil Engineering Department for his valuable suggestions and cooperation. She also thanked the faculty, non-teaching staff, technicians and participants.

Outcome of the Event:

The session helped in understanding that Geo-technical investigation is a crucial step of the construction process, which will affect the entire project. The listing out of different investigation practices in real life projects where any possible problems are anticipated ahead of time to avoid any additional expenses, gave an insight into actual engineering. The event also gave us a chance to meet and listen to our esteemed Chief Guest Dr. B R Srinivasa Murthy – a great personality who inspired all of us.