October 6, 2019

A Guest Lecture on ‘Towards the Internet of Things, Architecture, Security and Applications’, on 21st September, 2019


The Department of CSE, MVJ College of Engineering, organized a Guest Lecture on ’Towards the Internet of Things, Architecture, Security and Applications’, on 21st September 2019. The Resource Speaker was Mr. Koundinya (DELL-EMC/HCL, Bangalore). The purpose of this Lecture was to give an overview of Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow.

The event began at 9.30 am, at Smt. Rajalakshmi Seminar Hall, MVJCE. There were 100 participants from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The welcome address was given by Lavanya (Student/CSE). Lavanya introduced the Guest to the audience. Prof. Santhiya M (HOD, CSE Dept.) welcomed Mr. Koundinya with a bouquet. The session was then taken over by the Mr. Koundinya.

Ms. Lavanya welcoming the participants and introducing the guest for Guest Lecture on “Towards the Internet of Things, Architecture , security & applications ” on 21st  September 2019conducted by Department of Computer Science &Engineering

Participants at the guest lecture

Prof. Santhiya M welcoming the Guest Mr. Koundinya with a bouquet.

Mr. Koundinya (DELL-EMC/HCL, Bangalore) speaking about IOT.

The session commenced with a brief introduction of modern technologies. Mr. Koundinya gave a mind map for IOT. He spoke about what is IOT and its history, giving a timeline for IOT. He gave the relevant statistics for IOT, describing its evolution and outlining its future. Mr. Koundinya mentioned that since 2011, there has been a steep increase in IOT applications. He elaborated on the use and applications of IOT. He explained how IOT is the basis for home automation system, automated shopping, healthcare applications and sensor technologies.

The Guest Speaker explained the state of art for IOT. He spoke about the challenges and issues involved in IOT. He explained the layered architecture for IOT to ensure security.     He gave a brief description about the datacenters and impact on datacenters. He elaborated on what is SDDC and its architecture. He motivated the students by speaking about the Research Directions in IoT and the opportunities that are available in the field of IOT.

The event culminated with a Q/A session, where the Speaker cleared the doubts of students.

The Vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Sheetal Garg (AP/CSE).

Question answer Session

Outcome of the Guest Lecture

The students learnt the following:

  • What is Internet of Things
  • State of the Art of IoT
  • Challenges and Limitations of IoT
  • Business Perspective of IoT
  • Future of IoT
  • Data Center Impact on IoT
  • Research Directions in IoT