October 23, 2020

A Report on Eikon Club Event ‘AAVISHKAR-2020’


Date of the Event 23.10.2020
Title of the Event Aavishkar-2020
Organized by   Department of Information Science and Engineering MVJCE, Bangalore

The Department of Information Science and Engineering organized a club event entitled ‘Aavishkar’, on 23rd October 2020.  The event was conducted in the virtual mode. The event started at 9:00 am and concluded at 4:00 pm. 110 students from all the semesters of the Departments of  ISE participated in this event.

The event comprised three rounds. All 110 students participated in the first round, 30 Teams (2 students in each team) in the second round, and 7 Teams (each team with 2 students) in the third round.

First Round: Quizzard

This round was a Quiz round where questions were posed on science, technology and aptitude. There were crosswords also to be solved. 30 tricky questions had to be solved within 30 minutes. Questions were uploaded on the online platform. Participants were using their own devices (Mobile/Laptop) to answer the questions.

Second Round: Alpha Beta Debug

The individuals who cleared the first round were eligible for this round. The participants needed to group themselves into teams of 2, for this round.

Certain part of a code was given, with some part of it missing, Students had to simplify it, or they had to code the missing part.

Third Round: SPARKS (Smart programmers are required to know SPARKS)

There were 5 questions in this round. Questions were based on data strings, array and basic Math. Participants had to complete maximum number of questions in the given time

For the second and third rounds, questions were uploaded on Code chef by requesting a message with date and time. Finally, the codes developed by the teams were judged, based on code complexity and valid test cases.

After completion of the third round, the names of the winners and runners-up of the Eikon club event ‘Aavishkar-2020’ were announced by Dr. Sanchari Saha, HOD, Dept. of ISE, and the two best teams were awarded prize money and certificates.

The winners were the following students from the ISE Department:

  1. Ms. Vaishnavi Mahesh Shetty (7th Semester – ISE)
  2. Ms. Anushree K (3rd Semester – ISE)

The Runners-up were the following students from the ISE Department:

  1. Ms. Srushti Katkam (7th Semester – ISE)
  2. Ms. Chaithanya S (3rd Semester – ISE)

The event concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Latha S S, AP, Dept. of ISE.

Faculty Coordinator of the Event:

Prof. Latha S S (AP, Dept. of ISE)

Student Coordinators:

  1. Tejashree V S, VII semester
  2. Piyush Gautam, VII semester
  3. Prashanth Kumar, VII semester
  4. Sameer Kumar, VII semester
  5. Sourav Prkash Sunny, VII semester
  6. Manoj R, V semester
  7. Janavi Ramesh, V semester
  8. Mohammed Zaid Jeelani, V semester

Outcome of the Event:

Through the brainstorm sessions of this event, the participants were able to develop codes using their problem-solving and coding skills. Students were able to analyze, design and enhance their technical skill, applying it to various topics and fields related to Information Science and Engineering. This event gave a measure of the technical competence level of the participants.