May 28, 2019

A Report On XXXII Graduation Day Ceremony


Date of the Event 18.05.2019
Title of the Event XXXII Graduation Ceremony

MVJ College of Engineering organized the XXXII Graduation Day, on 18.05.19 (Saturday), at 2:00 pm, in the Dr. M V Jayaraman Auditorium, to felicitate the VTU rank holders and congratulate all the other graduates from various disciplines, as their academic efforts come to a successful fruition. 700 graduates, along with their parents, attended the ceremony to celebrate their success. There was a special arrangement of live telecast of the Graduation Day ceremony in the Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall, so that the parents could witness every moment of the ceremony, comfortably.

The event was presided over by the Chief Guest Shri Justice Perody Vishwanatha Shetty (Lokayukta, State of Karnataka / Retired Judge, Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka), Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal, MVJCE), Dr. R Prabhu (Dean, MVJCE) and Prof. M Brindha (Vice Principal, MVJCE). Manavi Grover (Computer Science) and Raghav Shukla (Mechanical), the hosts for the Graduation Day ceremony, welcomed the graduates and congratulated them on their success. Madhuri (Mechanical) presented an invocation song to the Almighty.

The Graduation Day ceremony was declared open by Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal, MVJCE), followed by a welcome address highlighting the significance of the ceremony. He then presented the college report, throwing light on the various accolades achieved by the college, students and faculty, in the past years. The report enumerated successful NAAC and NBA visits, the readiness of the college for the autonomous status, and the various funds received by student and faculty projects. The report sketched a detailed outline of the various steps taken towards the development of students, faculty and the college.

Prof. M Brindha (Vice Principal, MVJCE) introduced the Chief Guest Shri Justice Perody Vishwanatha Shetty to the gathering. Shri Justice Perody Vishwanatha Shetty, in his speech, emphasized that the only road to success was hard work. He advised our students that the key to marching ahead in their professional career and in life, was hard work and hard work alone, and there are no shortcuts. He also encouraged our students to follow their passion and interest in choosing their career, so that they can move in the right direction for their betterment, and for the betterment of the society and nation. He motivated our students by pointing out that there are plenty of opportunities, and there is no limit, every field has its own needs and requirements.

He also shared with our students the golden mantras of success, as the graduates are entering into a new phase of their life – “Dream and dream big”, “The Journey is more exciting than the final destination”, “Always have a positive attitude in life”, “Knowledge is power”. The graduates were enlightened by his speech, golden words and knowledge that he shared with them.

Following the Graduation Day address, the dignitaries distributed the Certificates.

The graduates, led by the Principal, MVJCE, took a pledge to use their degrees and knowledge only for the betterment of our society.  Then, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal, MVJCE) declared the dissolution of the Graduation Ceremony. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Manvi Grover and Raghav Shukla. The event culminated with  the National Anthem, and the Academic Procession proceeded back to the robing chamber.


The graduates received their degree certificates. By taking a pledge, they promised to work for a better world, where their knowledge in science and technology will be used in socially responsible ways.