May 30, 2019

A Two-Day “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp”


This Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp is to create awareness among the students and faculty of Engineering and Science courses about various facets of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option, as also to highlight the merits of pursuing such an option. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell, MVJ College of Engineering, conducted a two-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC), from 18.03.2019 & 19.03.2019.

If self-help is the best help, then self-employment is the best employment, and entrepreneurship, the most exciting level of self-employment. In employment, one works for others, one works as others want one to. There is no scope for doing as one wishes. But entrepreneurship is the opposite of employment. It’s a unique feeling when an entrepreneur sets a target or goal and reaps the satisfaction of achieving that goal.

This EAC was an eye-opening session for the budding young minds, and it aimed to impart the skills needed to handle the different tools and technologies that are useful in real time scenarios. This EAC intended to orient participants towards starting their own enterprise, with focus on the decisions that an entrepreneur takes and sources of finance. The sessions were handled by Professors and Industry personnel from reputed institutions and industry. The EAC was attended by 70 students and 8 faculty members from ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, ML, Mechanical and Civil departments of MVJ College of Engineering.

Here is a detailed report about the EAC:

Date: 18th March 2019 (First Day – Monday)

Day – 1:  Inaugural Session

The program was inaugurated at 9.30 am, at Seminar Hall 6, on 18th January 2019, by Mr. Sathish Kumar, Sales Associate, Lobo Staffing Solutions, Siemens Ltd., Bangalore (Resource Person), along with our Principal, Vice-Principal and Dean R&D. The Event Coordinators     Dr. C Kamalanathan, Mr. H Sathish Kumar, and Dr. D Manu welcomed Prof. M Brindha, Vice-Principal, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal, Dr.R.Prabhu,Dean and the Chief Guest Mr.  Sathish Kumar for the Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC).

In Session 1, the Speaker gave a brief introduction about the general concepts of Entrepreneurship and the objectives of an Entrepreneur.

Day – 1:  Session 2
The Speaker explained about the historical background and the Indian values of the entrepreneurship scenario.

Day – 1:  Session 3
In Session 3, the Speaker Prof. D Srinivasan (Professor/Aeronautical Engineering, MVJCE) briefly discussed about the identification of business opportunities, and the mechanisms of product selection.

Day – 1: Session 4
The Speaker handled the session on Technology-oriented design thinking, assistance of R&D labs on the choice of technology.

Day 2:

Speaker: Mr. A. Subramani, Seasoned Entrepreneur, Bangalore

Day – 2: Session 1
The Speaker discussed about general concepts of government policies, rules and regulations, and different aspects of an industrial venture.

Day – 2: Session 2
The Speaker gave a brief explanation about the concept of Technical and Commercial aspects of an SSI unit.

Day – 2: Session 3

Speaker: Dr. Geetha Sineni, Assistant Professor/MBA, MVJCE, Bangalore
The Speaker given technical details about the financial aspects of SSI, including salient features of a Project Report.

Day – 2: Session 4
The Speaker gave a brief explanation about schemes of assistance and support available from Government agencies, banks, financial institutions, SFCs etc.

Valedictory Session:

The two-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp came to an end with the valedictory session, graced by Hon’ble Principal, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram. Post lunch, certificates were distributed to the participants by Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram. The Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. H Sathish Kumar. Finally, the participants were asked to come on to the dais and share their experience of the whole program. The program concluded on a happy note.

Outcome of the Event:

All the sessions were very informative. The discussed areas will be of great benefit to the young minds to think about start-ups. This EAC will surely transform our students from being a ‘job seeker to job provider’. The students can get technical inputs for their start-ups from the resource persons. This in turn will help in motivating students to develop and innovate socio-economic products.

The following FEEDBACK was received from the participants:

  1. 86% of the participants felt that the delivery and presentation of the resource person was good.
  2. 90% of the participants believed the EAC will be useful in developing entrepreneurship skills.
  3. 90% of the participants felt that the EAC was coordinated very well.
  4. Participants opined that such EACs should be arranged regularly.

Event Coordinators

Chief Coordinator:

  1. C Kamalanathan, Associate Professor/ECE, EDC Coordinator, MVJCE, Bangalore


  1. H Sathish Kumar, Assistant Professor/EEE, MVJCE, Bangalore
  2. Dr. D Manu, Associate Professor/Civil Engineering, MVJCE, Bangalore