November 21, 2020



The Department of CSE, MVJ College of Engineering, organized a webinar on ‘Shift from Cloud Computing to Edge Computing’, on 21st November, 2020. The Lecture was delivered by Dr. Anandi Giridharan, Principal Research Scientist, Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Dr. Anandi has more than 30 years of experience in Research and Academics and her research interests are Ubiquitous Learning, Communication Protocols Design and Testing, Computing, Quality Assurance and Assessment in Technical Education. The purpose of this webinar was to understand how edge-enabled devices can gather and process data in real time, allowing them to respond faster and more effectively.

The webinar was inaugurated by Dr. P Mahabaleswarappa, Principal, MVJCE. During the welcome address, he mentioned that the topic of the webinar, ‘Shift from cloud Computing to edge computing’, is industry relevant and it is very essential for students to be aware of new technologies. Around 200 students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering attended the seminar. The seminar was organised by Prof. KavyaShree.C (AP/CSE) and Prof. V Aileen Emelda (AP/CSE).

Dr. Anandi Giridharan started the session with a brief introduction on the history of Artificial Intelligence. She explained how Edge Computing emerges from Mainframe Computing, Micro/Mini Computing and from Cloud Computing. She expounded that Edge Computing is the optimization of Cloud, to move the compute close to the source of data to the edge. Then, she presented an overview on Cloud Computing and how companies can rent access to anything, from applications to storage, from a Cloud service provider. She illustrated the different service models of Cloud Computing.

Next, she spoke about some centralized challenges in Cloud Computing such as high latency, bandwidth, spectral efficiency etc.  and how Edge Computing overcomes all those challenges.

Later, she focused on the importance of Edge Computing and how it creates new and improved ways for industrial and enterprise-level businesses to maximize operational efficiency, improve performance and safety, automate all core business processes, and ensure ‘always on’ availability, to achieve the digital transformation of how-to-do business.

In the concluding part of the session, Dr. Anandi demonstrated the benefits of moving from Cloud to Edge with a case study on Video Surveillance. She explained about the technologies needed at Edge and also discussed various applications of Machine Learning /Artificial Intelligence in Edge System and automation.

The Resource Speaker encouraged students to explore the field of Edge Computing. The session culminated in a Q/A session, where the students cleared their doubts related to Computing. The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Ashwini H.K, AP/CSE.

Outcome of the Guest Lecture

  1. Participants learnt about the latest technology in Edge Computing.
  2. They understood the various applications of Edge Computing.
  3. They were encouraged to explore the Research areas of Artificial Intelligence.