Access for Differently-Abled

MVJCE is ensuring disabled friendly physical infrastructure. The main entrances and exits clearly identifiable and easily accessible. And it can accommodate wheelchair users. Steps and ramps has hand railings and the entrance permitting access to a conveniently located lift.

Parking for people with disabilities is available near the building. This is easily accessible to cross-disability groups equally. Accessible indoor parking spaces are located close to the lift.The doors should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users and the space inside is sufficient for them. Appropriate heights control panels and the large buttons are embossed. Visual and audible signals indicating the arrival at different floors is available.

Stairs are easily accessible and identifiable. The minimum width of the stairs is wide enough and the landings have enough space at the top and bottom. Handrails provided for staircases.

Separate toilets are available for people with disabilities. They are clearly identifiable and accessible. The doors are wide enough and lockable from inside and releasable from outside. There is enough maneuvering space inside. All floor surfaces are slip resistant. Mirrors, flushing arrangements, dispensers mounted at appropriate heights.

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