Two Days Workshop on “Quadcopter”

A Two Days Workshop on “Quadcopter” was organized by UAV Lab in association with the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, MVJCE on 29.03.2019 & 30.03.2019. In total 45 students participated in the workshop which was conducted in association with UAV Lab. The Resource persons were Mr. Leo Peter Charles, Co – Founder and Managing Partner, Happy Landings India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pradeep Vijay, Founder, Mr. Ranjith Singh, Design Engineer and Instructor, and Mr. Arjun, Drone Pilot and Instructor. Training module included basic understanding of quadcopters, application, design criteria and material selection. During the session students were trained in the design and development of Quadcopters.

Two days workshop on “RC Aircraft

A two days workshop on “RC Aircraft” was organized by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering in Association with the UAV Club, MVJCE and conducted by Aerotnx, Skyfi Education Labs, Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore on 24th and 25th of April 2018 at Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall. The Resource Persons were Mr. Ronak Gen, and Mr. Baskaran, Engineers; from AerotnX, Skyfi Education Labs Pvt Ltd. Mr. the workshop modules included airfoil selection, basic aerodynamics, different configurations of wing in an RC Aircraft and other relevant topics. By the end of the workshop students were able to design and build their own RC Aircrafts.

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