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MVJ College of Engineering is an advanced level partner institute in Infosys Technology’s Campus Connect Program. Campus Connect is a well-established industry-academia program aimed at enhancing the pool of capable talent for the requirements of IT Industry. This is a nation-wide program that focuses on preparing “industry-ready IT professionals” by aligning and enhancing engineering student competencies with the needs of the industry.

Infosys shares its technology training methods, courseware, project samples and other learning resources that have been developed, practiced and perfected over the last 17 years. Along with teaching, there are other components weaved together in the foundation program to create effective learning experiences. These include conclaves, webinars, principals’ meets, faculty enablement programs, train-the-trainer workshops, guest lectures and industrial visits among others.

To date, MVJCE has successfully completed 21 batches of IT as well as Non-IT student groups, imparting them with classroom teaching, exposure to new software tools and development environments in the laboratory sessions, as well as integrated project development.

MVJCE is awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution in rolling out Foundation Program in years 2015 and 2017.

In an effort to bridge the digital divide, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), has joined hands under the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology. IIT Bombay has launched the Spoken Tutorial Project which promotes IT literacy through Open Source Software. MVJCE is proud to be one of the resource centers (code KAR-00004) in Karnataka for this project since June 2012.

The Spoken Tutorial Cell at MVJCE is authorized to organize SELF (Spoken Tutorial Based Education and Learning through Free FOSS) workshops anywhere in India. At present we are promoting and training students on various software packages and programming languages like LaTeX, Scilab, PHP/MySQL, Linux, Libre Office, C/C++ and Java. We also host Faculty Development Programs on these software packages for school and college faculty across of Karnataka by hosting workshops over video conferences with IIT Bombay. We have successfully conducted two FDPs on Scilab and LaTeX.

For more information on the Spoken Tutorial Project, please click on the link below:

National Instruments India is pioneering Virtual Instrumentation technology in the country. Their software LABview is ideal for any measurement or control system. Integrating all the tools that engineers and scientists need to build a wide range of applications in substantially smaller timeframes, LabVIEW is a development environment for problem solving, accelerated productivity, and continuous innovation.

MVJCE has collaborated with National Instruments for establishing a lab at the MVJCE Center of Excellence. The lab established will be used to train and certify MVJCE students on the LABView Platform. Students will use this lab to develop projects and conduct research and analysis in collaboration with MVJCE Faculty.

The partnership with National Instruments will benefit students from departments.

MVJCE has tied-up with the Indo - US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE). The IUCEE is headquartered at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and business from the USA and India in 2007. Generous financial contributions from distinguished patrons helped initiate the program. The IUCEE’s vision is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education and research in India and provide related benefits to US engineering educators, with focus on faculty development, student development, curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies and research.

The Robotics and Industrial Automation Laboratory at MVJCE was established in 2016 under the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The goal is to educate undergraduate and postgraduate students in robotics and provide a technically advanced platform to complete their mini projects and final year projects. The lab is well equipped with the latest in advanced tools and equipment, enabling students to bring their ideas to life provisions are available in the lab for all the students and faculties to build inhouse projects. The lab is well equipped with the latest in advanced tools and equipment, enabling students to implement their own ideas. Provisions are available in the lab for all the students and faculties to build in-house projects. The research activities focus on a new generation of smart, embedded mechanical and mechatronics systems. The recent explosion of communication capabilities, coupled with ongoing advances in computing effectiveness and revolutions in miniaturization of processors/ sensors/actuators, has accelerated the pace of implementing truly distributed smart embedded systems with a variety of emergent applications.

The UAV Lab helps the students to learn and understand the design and fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. It encompasses the application of Aerodynamics and Stability in a real aircraft model and helps the students to get a hands-on understanding in Aeronautical Engineering.We conduct workshops for helping the students in fabricating these model aircrafts.Our students have created many models of different types via Quad copters, Hex copters and fixed wing aircrafts which are in the UAV lab and are to be modified to improve their performance.

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