Computer lab helps students to understand C programming in applications of Chemical Engineering like Designing of a Reactor, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Column, Absorption column, etc and it also consists of Simulation package “Aspen Hysys”, Computer simulations use some algorithms from purely mathematical models, computers can combine simulations with reality or actual events, such as generating input responses, to simulate test subjects who are no longer present. The system they use could be the actual equipment, revealing performance limits or defects in long-term use by these simulated users.

Major Software Available

DWSIM Chemical Process Simulator (Software)

Computer Applications & Simulation Lab

List of Experiments

SL.No. Description of Experiment
1 Non-linear Algebric equation – Newton Raphson (Specific volume of binary mixture)
2 Ordinary Differential Equation- R-K Method (dCa/dt=kCa2 )
3 Numerical Integration - Simpson’s 1/3 Rule ( Batch Reactor to find time)
4 Curve Fitting –Least Square (Nre vs f)
5 Calculation of Bubble Point and Dew Point for Ideal multi-component system
6 Design of Adiabatic Batch Reactor, PFR
7 Design of Adiabatic Batch Reactor, PFR
8 Design of Adiabatic Batch Reactor, PFR
9 Determination of heat duty
10 Determination of thermo-physical properties of pure components
11 Generation of VLE data of binary component system
12 Determination of equilibrium conversion of reversible reactions
13 Simulation of a distillation column
14 Simulations Studies of pump, compressor, cyclone and heater

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