The Mechanical Operations Laboratory is equipped for the study of the various mechanical operations associated with different solids as well as fluid. Experiments mainly deal with size reduction, size separation, solid separation etc. All basic experiments for fluid particle mechanics like Jaw Crusher, Ball Mill, Hammer Mill, Sieve Shaker, Plate and Frame Filter, Vacuum Leaf Filter, Cyclone Separator, Froth Floatation, Batch Sedimentation etc are available in this laboratory.

List of Major Equipment

  • Cyclone Separator
  • Plate and Frame Filter Press
  • Vacuum Leaf Filter

List of Experiments

SL.NoDescription of Experiment
1To grind the given sample of material in a ball mill and to find out the average particle diameter and surface area of the product obtained in open circuit grinding and closed circuit grinding.
2To determine the minimum cross sectional area of a continuous thickener by conducting a batch sedimentation test.
3To determine the crushing law constant and verify the laws using drop weight crusher.
4To find the particle size distribution of a given sample and effectiveness of given screen.
5To find the average particle size by differential and cumulative analysis using sieve shaker.
6To determine the crushing law constants and verify the laws using jaw crusher.
7To determine the specific cake resistance, and filter medium resistance by filtering CaCO3 slurry in a vacuum leaf filter apparatus.
8To determine the average particle size differentially and cumulatively by using air elutriation.
9To determine the specific surface area of the particles using air permeability technique.
10To determine the crushing law constants and verify the laws using gyratory crusher.
11To separate the iron filings from the sand particles by performing froth floatation experiment and to find out the collection efficiency.
12To determine the specific cake resistance and filter medium resistance by filtering CaCO3 slurry in plate & frame filter press.
13To check the efficiency of the Cyclone separator.

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