Experiments performed in this laboratory are: acidity and alkalinity, biological oxygen demand (BOD), coagulation and flocculation, ambient air quality monitoring, the use of direct spectrophotometer, conductivity measurement, sludge index, water sampling.

List of Major Equipment

List of Experiments

SL.No Description of Experiment
1 To determine the pH and alkalinity of the given water sample
2 To determine the 5-day Biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the given sewage sample
3 To determine the volatile, fixed, filterable and dissolved solids in wastewater.
4 To determine the percentage of CO, CO2, O2 & N2 in the given flue gas.
5 To determine the COD of the given sewage sample
6 To estimate the nickel ion present in the given solution using the UV spectrophotometer
7 To determine the turbidity of the given sample by Nepheloturbido meter
8 To estimate the concentration of potassium and sodium in the given sample using flame photometer
9 To determine the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) content present in the given water sample
10 To determine the calorific value of the given solid (or liquid fuel) by bomb calorimeter
11 To determine the viscosity of the given oil using Redwood viscometer at different temperatures
12 To determine the equivalence point of a weak monobasic acid by potentiometric titration and hence to determine the strength
13 To determine the optimum alum dosage for water or wastewater treatment by Jar test.

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