This lab is fully equipped with all kind of minerals and rock specimens which is used for identification and study on physical properties. This lab is also designed to understand the various problems which are associated in the field to solve strike and dip of the various geological strata.  The lab consists of minerals like Quartz, Feldspar, mica, carbonate group of minerals, ore minerals like magnetite, hematite, iron pyrite and chalcopyrite etc., Also rock specimens like igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

List of Minerals and Rock Specimens

  • Crystal Models
  • Mineral Specimens
  • Rock Specimens
  • Natural Crystals
  • Model of Delta
  • River Valley Model
  • Meander Model
  • Models of Faults
  • Tunnel Models

List of Major Experiments

  • Identification of Minerals based on the physical properties
  • Identification of the rock specimen
  • Thickness strata Problems
  • Study of Toposheets and Interpretation, Extraction of Drainage Basin and its Morphometric Analysis.
  • Interpretation and drawing of sections for geological maps showing tilted beds, faults, unconformities
  • Interpretation of Satellite Images.

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