Software application lab is equipped with a highly configured computer system installed with latest versions of advanced software’s like ETABS using which students can model multi-storeyed buildings and carryout static and dynamic analysis under various loading conditions which is the need of the hour in carrying out any research or industrial projects. The lab is also equipped with MSP software, getting exposed to which students can be placed in project managerial roles. Apart from this the CAD (Computer Aided Design) laboratory provides a digitally integrated environment where one can work with 2-D and 3-D design and analysis packages. Initially this facility is introduced mainly for students to evolve concepts and convert it into a complete product. The users are encouraged to learn, practice and apply the knowledge gained into their research areas.The facility in the CAD lab caters the community through profession certification programs, industrial consultancy and by research.


List of Major Software’s


(ii) STAAD III Release 22W

(iii) ETABS

(iv) MS Project

(v) QGIS 3.16

List of Major Experiments

(i) Drawing  of  Plan,  elevation  and  sectional  elevation including electrical, plumbing and sanitary services for single and double storied residential building, public buildings and septic tank etc.,

(ii) Reinforcement details based on Design as per IS Standards for Beam - Simply supported, Cantilever and Continuous, Slab – One way, Two way and One-way continuous., Staircase – Doglegged, Cantilever Retaining wall & Counter Fort Retaining wall, Circular Water Tank, Rectangular Water Tank, Built-up Columns with lacings and battens, Column bases and Gusseted bases with bolted and welded connections, Roof Truss – Welded and Bolted, Welded Plate girder and Gantry Girder etc.,

(iii) Using ETABS software, the analysis carried out on Plane Trusses, Continuous beams, 2D Portal frames-single storied and multi-storied and 3D static and dynamic analysis & design of multi-storied RCC/ Steel framed structures

(iv) QGIS is used to create shape files for point, line and polygon features with a map as reference.

(v) MSP used to Create WBS, Activities, Identification of Predecessor and Successor activities, Constructing Network diagram (AON Diagram) and analysing for Critical path,  Understanding about Splitting the activity, Linking multiple activity, assigning Constrains, Merging Multiple projects, Creating Baseline Project

(vi) Analysis of folded plates and shells using FE based software.


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