The lab is equipped with all kind of Instruments related to surveying which helps the students to improve their knowledge on the basic principles of engineering surveyand different types of measurements. Also student can followfieldprocedureseffectively which are requiredforaprofessionalsurveyor. In addition this lab helps to practice the techniques, skills and conventional surveying instruments necessary for engineering practice.

List of Major Equipment’s

  • Total Station
  • Electronic Distance Meter
  • Theodolite
  • Dumpy Level
  • Y – Level
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Surveyors Compass
  • Plane Table
  • Telescopic Alidade
  • Substance bar
  • Aneriod Barometer
  • Ceylon Ghat Tracer
  • Pentagraph
  • Planimeter
  • Nautical Sextant
  • Foot Rule Clinometer
  • Auto Level

List of Major Experiments

  • Measurements of distances and bearings using tapes, cross staff, optical square and prismatic compass
  • Determination of distance between two inaccessible points using compass
  • Determination of reduced levels of points using dumpy level/auto level
  • Determination of difference in elevation between two points using Reciprocal leveling
  • Conduct profile leveling, Cross sectioning, block leveling and Plotting profile
  • Measurement of horizontal angle by repetition and reiteration

Locate the points using Radiation and Intersection method of Plane table surveying

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