May 6, 2019



Details about the Event:

Round 1


Round 1 has three segments.

First segment of the First Round: A general quiz is displayed on the screen, the students have to read the instructions and then answer the questions, on a given sheet of paper.

Instructions and Rules:

  • A set of 20 questions are given.
  • Only 5 minutes time will be given to write the answers, and the time starts once the quiz paper is displayed on the screen.
  • The first 3 teams to come up with the correct answers, directly qualify to the second round.
  • The remaining teams will go for the second segment of the first round.

Second segment of the First round: A box is placed on the dais with a medical instrument/ component kept hidden inside it, the students have to identify it.

Instructions and Rules:

  • Clues will be given, to help the students identify the component. Upto 15 clues are given.
  • The team that identifies the component with the least number of clues, goes directly to the second round.,
  • Only the first 4 teams qualify for the next round.

Third segment of the First round: It’s a rapid-fire round, with only 3 questions.

Instructions and Rules:

  • Once the question is asked, anyone who knows the answer should raise his/her hand, the person who raised his hand first will be given the first chance; if his answer is wrong, then the next fastest person will get the chance to answer.
  • Three teams which give the correct answers go into the second round.

Round 2: (10 teams)

  • Picture Art Q,uiz:

Identifying the component/instrument/medical related things, by connecting the pictures given and getting a single word out of it.

Instruction and Rules:

  • The question with picture is displayed on the screen, 2 minutes time is provided for each picture.
  • Students should write down the answers on a sheet of paper provided, the 5 teams which get most answers correct, go into the next round.

Round 3:

  • Reduction of Block into a working Bio design model

There are six boxes with jumbled letters. Each team selects one box, and tries to rearrange the jumbled letters in the box to get the name of an instrument or device. After this, a set of blocks with different components is kept in a box, the students need to choose the appropriate blocks and make a working model design.

Then, the students make a 3-minute presentation about their bio model design. It may be Electronic block diagram or Biomedical Instrumentation block diagram working process.

Instructions and Rules:

  • Only 30 minutes will be given for the 3rd round, and subsequently, 3 minutes for each team to present.
  • The teams are judged based on the design idea, spontaneity, accuracy and presentation skills.
  • The decision of the Judges is final.

A Few Pictures of the Club Activity on 30th April, 2019

Outcome of the Club Activity

Club activities act as a platform for exchanging ideas and for dissemination of information, by bringing all semester students together, under one roof.

Prize Winners:

Prizes were given to the best two teams based on the following criteria:

  1. How recent the recent technology is
  2. Creativity
  3. Way of presentation
  4. Knowledge about the topic
1ST PRIZE Sumir R M, M S Vikas Hegade, Promod G
2ND PRIZE Maruthi, Pemin Glen Lobo, Prathik Thapa
3RD PRIZE Divya N T, Haseeba Kousar, Niveditha Balaji

The Event was attended by peers of the participating students of 4th,  6th and 8th semesters of Medical Electronics, as well as the faculty.