September 29, 2020





Details of the event:

Event name MED – STAT
Date 29-09-2020
Time 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Rules – Group Activity

  • Number of rounds:  3 rounds (All the rounds were conducted through Microsoft Teams.)
  • Prize money:
    • 1st Place – Rs. 600
    • 2nd Place – Rs. 500
    • 3rd Place – Rs.400
  • First round: Technical Quiz

 Technical questions were given, with one minute to answer each question. Participants had to write the answers and send it to the coordinator within the time limit.

  • Second round:  It had two sub rounds, 2a and 2b. The scores of both the rounds were considered, and the students with the highest score qualified for the next round.

2(a) – Connect with Emojis

The students shortlisted from the first round were given a few emojis, and they had to link all the emojis and find the technical word. 10 questions were given in this round, with one minute for each question.

2(b) – Unscramble

In this round, some scrambled technical words were given – the students had to unscramble the words and find the word. 10 questions were given in this round. 1-minute time was given for finding each word.

  • Third round: PENSAR And PARLER (Think and Talk)

Participants had to first choose a number from the given numbers. The name of a medical device was displayed for Medical Electronics Department students and the name of a recent technology was given for ECE Department students. The participants had to speak about it for 3 minutes.

Some pictures of the Club Activity

Outcome of the Club Activity

Club activities act as a platform for exchanging ideas and for dissemination of information, by bringing all students together, under one roof.

Prize Winners:

Prizes were given, based on the following criteria:

1. How the student analyses the topic

2. Creativity

3. Presentation

4. Knowledge about the topic

Prize Student Name & USN
1st Prize Niveditha Balaji (1MJ17ML010)
2nd Prize Amulya M V (1MJ18EC011)
3rd Prize Divya N T (1MJ17ML005)

The Event was attended by peers of the participating students of 7th semester Medical Electronics, and students of 3rd, 5th and 7th semester of Electronics and Communication, as well as Medical electronics Department faculty.