April 11, 2019

Department Club Event ‘Chem-Pro’


The Department of Chemical Engineering, MVJCE, organized a club activity entitled ‘Chem-Pro’ on 28th March 2019, at the Chemical Engineering department. The event started at 10:30 am and ended at 4:00 pm, and was attended by 136 students (39 groups) from the Chemical Engineering department.

The motto behind conducting the event was ‘Every day, we learn something new, but hardly bother to analyse our General Knowledge along with Analytical Skills’. This event aimed at making the students aware of their basic skills and logical ability.

Round 1: Mind Spark

This round was a Quiz based on questions related to general knowledge, aptitude and reasoning. 36 teams participated in the round which was for 30 minutes. At the end of the round, 15 teams were selected for the next round.

Round 2: Spot the Difference

In this round, two similar images were displayed, and students had to keenly observe both the images and spot the differences in the picture. 15 teams participated in this round which was conducted for 30 minutes. 6 teams ended with the same scores, so a tie breaker round was conducted, and 1 team was shortlisted out of the 6. At the end of Round 2, 5 teams were selected to enter Round 3.

Round 3: Chemical Engineering Puzzles and Riddles

In this round 5 groups took part, and they had to use their presence of mind to solve the puzzles and riddles that were projected to them. At end of the round, the winner and runner up were selected, based on the maximum number of questions they could answer correctly.

The 1st place was secured by Anushree P (1MJ18CH005), Manoj Kumar (1MJ18CH024), Maitri G (1MJ18CH021) and Praveen (1MJ18CH008), from 1st semester Chemical Engineering.

The 2nd place was secured by T V Karthik (1MJ18CH038), Vaishnavi K Pai (1MJ18CH039), Sinchana R (1MJ18CH036) and Preetham (1MJ18CH031) from 1st semester Chemical Engineering.

The event was very interesting, interactive and beneficial. The students solved the questions in groups, pitched in new ideas, and actively took part in the club activity.


“Knowledge is true, if it’s based on logic, not memory”. As a change from their regular curriculum, the students were refreshed and learnt a lot on time management, team work, presence of mind and logical thinking.