March 27, 2019



In today’s world, we observe Hi-tech Floor cleaners overshadowing the conventional equipment consisting of mops, brooms and dustpans. The increased technological solutions allow for cleaning with reduced efforts. However, these machines with sophisticated functionality come with their own set of disadvantages like elevated power consumption, higher cost, requirement of skilled labour, accidents if caution is not exercised and high maintenance cost. Therefore, existing complex systems can be replaced by simple mechanism. It is aimed to obtain cleansing action without using any external sources of energy other than mechanical energy and limited human intervention. This cleansing action is obtained by the use of the relatively rotational motion of a scrubber. In addition, other cleaning equipment are also installed if deemed necessary. On the whole a portable machine which semi-automatically cleans the surface while avoiding obstacles. The proposed aim is to reduce the effects of the above-mentioned disadvantages at a very reasonable cost which does not have for cleaning efficiency in addition, certain advantages like compactness in design, ease of use and a universal range of application is obtained. The electrical components can be replaced by sprockets and a chain attached to the rear wheel.

Project is carried out by, Mr. Pavan Kalyan RS(1MJ14ME089), Mr. Satish Kumar G G(1MJ14ME109), Mr. Saptangshu Banik (1MJ14ME108), Mr. Sreesh V. Aiyer(1MJ14ME116), Under the guidance of Mr Naveen Bharadishettar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.