April 19, 2019

Eikon Club Event Report on ‘TESOURO’, and IOT Guest Lecture


Date of the event 11.4.2019
Title of the Event Tesouro
Organized by Information Science and Engineering

The Department of Information Science and Engineering organized club activity entitled ‘TESOURO’, on 11th April 2019, at Seminar Hall 4. The event started at 8:30 am and ended at 4:00 pm, and was attended by 100 students from ISE, along with students from other departments (CSE, AE), too.

The event comprised of three rounds. 100 students participated in the first round. 20 teams (each team consisting of 2 students) went into the second round, and 10 teams (with 2 students in each team) into the third round. 

First Round: Moon Boon

This was a Quiz, with a bunch of questions about Science and interesting aptitude questions. Twenty tricky questions on technology and innovations in science were there, and these had to be solved within 20 minutes. Each question carried one mark. The questions were uploaded on kahoot.it. Participants needed to use their own devices (Mobile/Laptop) connected on the internet.

This round was preceded by a Guest Lecture on ‘IoT’ by Prof. C Murali, Academician and Educationist from IETE, Bangalore. His sessions covered various real time applications of IoT, Data management, big Data Analytics in IoT and its challenges. It was a brainstorming session that created a bonding experience, and more importantly, got people thinking and communicating with each other on topics relevant to the booming technology in IT Sectors.

Second round: Geekola

The students who qualified in the first round, were eligible for this round. Participants had to form teams of 2 each, for this round. It was a Pen-and-Paper based round. This round comprised of the following activities:

  • Identification of Company logo, Domain, Developing language, Tag lines etc.
  • Latest Technology inventions. The inventions of the top 15 MNCs in the IT Sector, in the past two years.
  • Output based Questions. Participants were given a set of codes, and they had to predict the output.

Third Round: Track Down

It was a game, where the students had to find hidden objects or places, by following a series of clues. The clues were based on Anagram, Programming, Cryptography and Image Recognition. Finally, the codes developed by the teams were judged by the ISE faculty members, and the best two teams were awarded prize money and certificates.

The following students from the ISE department were the winners:

Mr. Prashanth Kumar (4th semester – ISE) and Mr. Nanda Kishor (4th semester – ISE)

Runners Up were Mr. Deepak Jangir (6th semester – ISE) and Mr. Tamal Dey (6th semester- ISE).

All the participants who qualified for the second round were felicitated with certificates.

Faculty Coordinator:

Ms. Priya K – AP, ISE

Student Coordinators:

  1. Bhavani (4th semester)
  2. Syed Usman (4th semester)
  3. Harshit Kumawat (5th semester)
  4. Ravi Kaushik (5th semester)
  5. Varnitha M V (5th semester)
  6. Dhruvkumar Vekariya (5th semester)
  7. Kevin Pius (5th semester)

Outcome of the Event:

Through the brainstorm session of this event, participants were able to develop codes, using their problem-solving and coding skills. This event gave a measure of the technical competence level of the participants.