About Analog and Digital Electronics Lab

The purpose of the laboratory is to link the theoretical concepts of various analog and digital electronics circuits with practical feasibility so that scholars can understand analog circuits and digital circuits in an exceedingly better way. Furthermore, this laboratory is beneficial for beginners to know the essential fundamentals of analog and digital circuits.

The lab is well equipped with analog and digital electronic components, so students can fabricate their own circuits. The lab also comprises Analog and digital trainer kits so on facilitate verification of the results obtained through the fabricated circuits.

Practical's/experiments carried out in the laboratory

  1. Design of different clipping and clamping circuits
  2. Frequency response of single-stage BJT and FET RC coupled amplifier and determination of half-power points, bandwidth, input, and output impedances.
  3. Realization of parallel adder/Subtractors using 7483 chip
  4. Design and implementation of code converters using logic gates
    1. (i) BCD to excess-3 code and vice versa
    2. ) Binary to gray and vice-versa
  5. Realization of 3-bit counters as a sequential circuit and MOD – N counter design using 7476, 7490, 74192, 74193
  6. Design and realization of R-2R ladder DAC.
  7. Realization of Two-bit Flash ADC
  8. Design and verify an IC 555 timer-based pulse generator for the specified pulse.

Major Equipment/Software used in the Lab

  • D.C Power Supply Unit
  • Ic Tester Kit
  • Function Generator

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