About Electrical Machines Lab

The Electrical Machines Laboratory is one of the critical laboratories of the Electrical Engineering Department supported by IFB industries. The laboratory is equipped with conventional and modern Electrical and Electronics measuring equipment, various AC and DC Electrical Machines, and Transformers. This laboratory caters to Under Graduate Students' need to quickly understand the basics and adapt to advanced experiments like Electrical Machine design and special Electrical Machines.

Practical's/experiments carried out in Lab

Electrical Machines laboratory I

  • Open Circuit Characteristics of DC shunt generator
  • Load test on DC compound generator
  • Hopkinson's test on identical DC shunt machines
  • Fields test on DC series machines
  • Swinburne's test on a DC shunt motor and speed control of DC shunt motor
  • Brake test on DC shunt motor
  • O.C. & S.C. Tests on Single phase Transformer-Predetermination of efficiency and regulation
  • Sumpner's test on identical single-phase transformers.
  • Separation of core losses in a single-phase transformer.
  • Scott Connection of two single phase transformers.

Electrical Machines laboratory II

  • Load test on three phase Induction Motor
  • Equivalent Circuit of a single-phase induction motor
  • Load test on a single-phase induction motor.
  • No-load & Blocked rotor test on three phase Induction motor.
  • Brake test on three phase Induction Motor.
  • Regulation of a three –phase alternator by synchronous impedance & m.m.f. methods.
  • Determination of Xd and Xq of a salient pole synchronous machine.
  • V and Inverted V curves of a three phase synchronous motor.
  • Efficiency of a three-phase alternator
  • Speed control of 3 phase slip ring Induction motor- rotor Resistance control, stator voltage control.
  • Parallel operation of Single-phase Transformers.
  • Regulation of three-phase alternator by Z.P.F. method.

Major Equipment used in the lab

  • 1. DC Motor And Alternator Set
  • 2. DC Shunt Motor And Generator Set
  • 3. DC Rectifier Unit 200-250V, 75A
  • 4. DC Generator And Induction Motor Set

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