About Power system simulation lab

Power System Simulation Lab helps students understand the concepts of power systems better and helps researchers research various power and energy systems problems. Power system analytical studies focusing on stability, reliability, renewable energy integration issues, transmission planning, and condition monitoring can be done at the power system lab. State of the art commercial and free analytical software tools for power system research are available in the lab for both undergraduate teaching and higher research studies. The notable commercial software available is MATLAB/SIMULINK, Mi-Power. The open-source power system analysis toolbox available at this simulation lab is PSAT, MATPOWER, Scilab.

Practical's/experiments carried out in Lab

  • Determination of Efficiency and Regulation.
  • Determination of Power Angle Diagrams, Reluctance Power, Excitation, Emf, and Regulation for Salient and Non-Salient Pole Synchronous Machines.
  • To obtain Swing Curve and to Determine Critical Clearing Time, Regulation, Inertia Constant/Line Parameters /Fault Location/Clearing Time/Pre-Fault Electrical Output for a Single Machine connected to Infinite Bus through a Pair of identical Transmission Lines Under 3-Phase Fault On One of the two Lines.
  • Y Bus Formation for Power Systems with and without Mutual Coupling, by Singular Transformation and Inspection Method.
  • Formation of Z Bus (without mutual coupling) using Z-Bus Building Algorithm.
  • Determination of Bus Currents, Bus Power and Line Flow for a Specified System Voltage (Bus) Profile.
  • Formation of Jacobian for a System not Exceeding 4 Buses (No PV Buses) in Polar Coordinate Using Mi Power package.
  • Load flow analysis using Gauss siedel method Using Mi-Power package.
  • Short Circuit Studies using Using Mi-Power package.
  • Optimal generator scheduling for thermal power plants Using Mi-Power package.
  • Load flow analysis using Gauss siedel method- Using MATLAB programming
  • Formation of Jacobian in Polar Coordinates using Matlab Programming
  • Simulink model of an Automatic Voltage Regulator

Software used

  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • Mi-Power
  • PSAT
  • Scilab

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