February 28, 2019

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security


The Department of CSE, MVJ College of Engineering, organized a two-day Workshop on ‘Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity’, on 20th and 21st February 2019, at Seminar Hall 6. The purpose of this Workshop was to expose the students to the fields of Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity, with hands-on training.

The Guest Trainer was Mr. Rahul Naidu, who is working as a Corporate Trainer in Innovians Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  49 students registered for the Workshop.

The students (4th and 6th semester – CSE) and faculty members arrived by 9.15 am for the inauguration of the Workshop. The event started at 9.30 am with a Welcome Speech by Ms. Deepali Mishra (AP/CSE) who welcomed the dignitaries on the dais, as well as the faculty members and students who had assembled. Mr. Rahul Naidu (Corporate Trainer – Innovians Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal – MVJCE) and Prof. I Manimozhi (HOD – CSE) were seated on the dais. A brief introduction about the Trainer was given. Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal) addressed the students about the importance of CyberSecurity, and advised them to actively participate and gain hands-on training during the two-day Workshop. The Mr. Rahul Naidu set the Workshop rolling at 9.30 am.

Mr. Rahul Naidu trained the students on various topics in the field of Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity. At the forenoon session of the first day of the Workshop, i.e. 20/2/2019, he gave an introduction to Ethical Hacking and Information gathering. The students were introduced to the concept of Hoopes. The students installed the 3D Traceroute software on their laptops. They also learnt about the website whois and lookup. In the afternoon session, Mr. Naidu taught the working of IP Scanner N map and Zen map software. The students also got hands-on training in website hacking, and working of HT Track tool.

In the forenoon session of the second day of the Workshop, i.e. 21/2/2019, Mr. Naidu presented a session on Virtualization. He also taught the technique to change palin text into cipher text and the working of .bat to .exe file converter tool. In the afternoon session, Mr. Naidu dealt with the working of Binder easy tool, Icon changer tool and Email tracing. He stressed the importance of CyberSecurity and outlined the general precautions one should take, to avoid Cyber-attacks.

Mr. Vinay Pradeep Nadkarni (AP/CSE) delivered the Vote of Thanks at the end of the Workshop. Mr. Rahul Naidu and Prof. I Manimozhi (HOD – CSE) distributed participation certificates to all the students who participated in the Workshop. The Workshop concluded at 4.00 pm on 21/2/2019.

Outcome of the Event:
The students learnt to use various software such as 3d Traceroute, Nmap and Zen map software, Binder easy tool, Icon changer tool and HT Track tools. They were exposed to different concepts such as virtualization, cypher text, Email tracing and website hacking. By the end of the two-day Workshop, the students gained hands-on training and knowledge in the area of Ethical Hacking and CyberSecurity. The two-day workshop was conducted to attain the POs – Engineering Knowledge, Problem Analysis, Design/Development of Solutions, Modern Tool Usage and Lifelong Learning.