February 13, 2019

FDP on “Application of Tools & Techniques in Research Methodology”


Department of Information Science Engineering, along with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of MVJCE, organized a 3-day Faculty Development Programme on ‘Application of Tools and Techniques in Research Methodology’, from 28th January to 30th January 2019, at Seminar Hall 4 and ISE Lab 226, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 44 participants from various disciplines benefited from this Faculty Development Programme.

Day 1: 28th January 2019
The FDP was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. V Bhujanga Rao, ISRO Chair Professor, National Institute of Advanced studies, IISc.

Resource speakers for the Day 1 Session were Dr. P Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai and Dr. Gopinath K P, Associate Professor, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. Both the speakers stressed on the need to focus on suitability of the research question and its application. They have given guidelines to be followed, while doing research. The following topics were discussed on Day 1 of the FDP:

  • Foundation of Research
  • Problem identification & formulation
  • Research Design & methods

Day 2: 29th January 2019
Resource speaker for the second day of the FDP was Prof. Preenu, Dept. Of Mathematics, University College of Thiruvananthapuram. He trained the participants on LATEX,  which is one of the most important tools, for researchers to write their thesis.

Day 3: 30th January, 2019
Resource speakers for the third day session were Dr. Dinesh Anvekar, Director of Research & Product Innovation Cell, VVIT, Bangalore and Dr. S Ananthi, Professor, Dept of ECE, MVJCE. Dr. Dinesh Anvekar explained the concept of intellectual property rights and ways of protecting them. He also elaborated on the various thinking skills needed to ignite the research mind. He made the session interactive, and put up many examples to throw greater clarity on the concepts.

Dr. S Ananthi shared the guidelines to be followed while writing a research paper and thesis. She mentioned the dos and don’ts to be borne in mind, while submitting a research paper to a journal.

Outcome of the Event:
This FDP programme summarized the important aspects related to literature survey for framing research objectives, collection of data, analyzing the data, and finally framing it into a research paper. It also gave an awareness on intellectual property rights, and how to protect it. This FDP oriented participants towards honing research skills that are needed at every stage of their research. Overall, it was a very informative and beneficial event.