October 22, 2019



The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, MVJ College of engineering conducted a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “GRAPHICAL PROGRAMMING & REAL TIME SYSTEM DESIGN “in association with National Instruments LabView from 8th July 2019 to 19th July 2019. The FDP program received an overwhelming response with more than 40 participants from various institutes/colleges approved by AICTE .This FDP is planned for two weeks to comprise 20 technical hands-on sessions & 20 Lecture Sessions on topics like introduction of Virtual Instrumentation (VI), Software constructs in LabVIEW, Programming VIs and functions, Data communication and synchronization VIs and functions, VI Server VIs and functions, Error handling VIs and functions, Design patterns, SubVI design, Debugging tools and techniques.


LabVIEW provides the state-of-the-art way to effectively teach and learn basic and advanced engineering concepts using a graphical programming platform. Nowadays engineers and scientists rely on LabVIEW for a variety of applications: test and measurement, process control and automation, monitoring and simulation. The objective of faculty development program is to present theoretical and practical concepts and hands-on in LabVIEW intended to teach participants tools of LabVIEW with an emphasis on various applications.

This Faculty Development Programme will introduce the fundamental principles of graphical system design using NI LabVIEW. Hands on training with NI hardware will also be given to the participants. The experts from NI, VI Solutions, Accura Tequipment, HMT, Vyapti Solutions, Fracktal works, Scientich Bangalore had conducted the training sessions.The detailed report about the FDP is given as below:

Day 1 –

  • On Session 1: Inaugural function is started at 9.30am in the Seminar hall-5. The co-coordinators, Mrs Kala H.S and Mrs. Abili D Nair welcomes the speaker, dignitaries and participants of the FDP.
  • On session -2, Introduction to Graphical System Design Software – Why? What? How? Was given by the keynote speaker Mr Visweswaran Jagadeesan ,Territory Manager at NI.
  • On session-3, 4 Hands on training: Numeric; Boolean; Arithmetic; Comparison functions by Prof. Aparna P.

Day 2 –

  • On session -1, Prof Aparna had given Introduction & Demonstration of LabVIEW & NEW Features & toolkits.
  • On session -2, Hands on training: Structures – While loop; For loop; Case Structure; Flat & Stacked Sequences
  • On Session -3, 4 Hands on training: Structures – While loop; For loop; Case Structure; Flat & Stacked Sequences.

Day 3 –

  • Session – 1, 2 Prof Aparna had given Hands on training: Arrays & Clusters
  • Session -3, 4 Hands on training: Timing and File IO functions.

Day 4 –

  • On session -1, 2 Mr Umesh from HMT and Ms Soumya from Fracktal works and Mr Prasanth from Vyapthi Technica Solutions had given introduction about CAD SOFTWARE TOOLS
  • On session – 3, 4 In afternoon session, Hands on training has given to the faculties about the topics 3D PRINTING discussed in the forenoon session.

Day 5 –

  • On session – 1,2 the fundamentals of CAD SOFTWARE TOOLS by Mr Karthik and Mr .Milind from Scientech pune are discussed.
  • On session – 3, 4 expert has given Hands on training on PCB PRINTING.

Day 6 –

  • On session -1,2 An expert from VI Solutions, Mr. Vasantha Kumar had given Hands on training on: Mathscript interface; C code interface; python interface.
  • On session – 3 Hands on training: LabVIEW for Image Processing Application.
  • On session – 4 Demonstration: LabVIEW for communication application.

Day 7 –

  • On session -1 Introduction: DAQ for Acquire – Analyze – Automate.
  • On session -2 Hands on training: my DAQ for measurements & Virtual Instrumentation.
  • On session -3, 4 Demo & Hands on: Remote Engineering System Lab implementation using AD.

Day 8 –

  • On session -1 An expert from NI, Mr Prashant had given Introduction on: RIO for Design – Develop – Deploy
  • On session – 2 Hands on training: RIO for embedded measurements & control.
  • On session – 3, 4 Hands on training: RIO for IOT applications.

Day 9 –

  • On session -1- Prof Aparna has given an Introduction to ELVIS.
  • On session -2 Hands on training on ELVIS – Analog Electronics.
  • On session – 3 Hands on training on ELVIS – Digital Electronics
  • On session – 4 The expert has given an elaborate explanation on NI platform in Research.

Day 10 –


Valedictory Session:
Receiving an overwhelming response from participants, the 2 week FDP on ‘GRAPHICAL PROGRAMMING & REAL TIME SYSTEM DESIGN’ came to an end with the Valedictory Session, graced by Hon’ble Principal, Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Vice-Principal, Mrs. Brindha, M, Dean, Dr R. Prabhu. On 19/07/2019, certificates were distributed to the participants. The dignitaries honored the participants with the certificates. It’s the constant endeavor of the Institute to improve the quality of its continuing academic courses. Participants’ observation/feedback is critical in improving the quality of the courses. Some suggestions were given by the participants on timing, few topics and field visits for further improvement of the course structure. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Mrs Geetha Assistant professor ,ECE Department MVJCE, in which she has been paid her gratitude towards all the dignitaries who has spared their time and come from a far distance places to share their expertise with the participants. Nevertheless, she has given thanks to sponsoring body of this FDP i.e. AICTE with these words, “We are highly thankful to the AICTE for providing financial assistance to organize this FDP in our campus and hope we will find the support in future also for organizing such kind of activities.”