January 24, 2022

Guest Lecture on ‘Applications of Differential Calculus and Linear Algebra in Engineering Science’


The Department of Mathematics, MVJ College of Engineering organized a Guest Lecture on Applications of Differential Calculus and Linear Algebra in Engineering Science, on 19th January, 2022.

 The Guest Speaker of the event was Dr. V Senthilkumar, Principal Scientist / Scientist ‘E2’, CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute, NAL Belur Campus, Bangalore. The Lecture was conducted as a Cisco Webex live event, from 2.00 pm   to 4.00 pm.

Participants: The Webinar was attended by around 900 participants from MVJCE. (Faculty members and students of First Year Engineering)

Ms. Poojashree R, Assistant Professor, started the meeting with an invocation song and invited Mr. Sudhakar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, MVJCE, to welcome the participants.  He welcomed the Guest Speaker, the Principal, Vice-Principal, Registrar & Controller of the Examinations, Staff and the Students to the program.

Dr. P Mahabaleshwarappa (Principal, MVJCE) addressed the students and emphasized the importance of differential equations.



            Dr. Varalakshmi M, HoD, Mathematics Department, introduced the Speaker                                Dr. V Senthilkumar, praising his publications in journals, his research areas, honours and awards.

Dr. V. Senthilkumar then started his presentation. Here are the key points:

The speaker started the session with the explanation on different symbols used in mathematics and Engineering sciences with the help of differential equations. He explained about Stress strain in engineering with the help of shape of ductile specimen at various stages of testing.

He generated a lot of interest among our students on how differential equations and partial differential equations are helping to prepare various analyses, mathematically. He clarified about the types of mathematical equations for the analysis. He enlightened the students about the software packages that are available commercially, and open source for solving differential equations.

Next, he came to the aspect of simulation in mathematical representation, with the example of crash test of a car. The car components are modified by using simulation technique. In every field, mathematical equations are very important. Further, he dealt with the significant role of partial differential equations in the flow of motion in a simple pendulum. And went on to explain how we can solve these equations with the support of Eigen value and Eigen vector matrix. Further, he spoke about the efficient way of storing the Eigen value and Eigen vector matrix in computer programming.

He explained about the various analytical and numerical methods that are available for solving differential equations, and how analytical methods are more efficient than numerical methods.

He presented a lot of differential calculus and linear algebra related applications in various fields like peridynamics for fracture, aeroelasticity (partial differential involved), vibrations of rod, vibration of Timoshenko beam, Psedospectral method, differential transformation method, vibration analysis of fluid conveying nanotube based on nanolocal elasticity etc.

Finally, our students raised their questions to the Speaker and Dr. V Senthilkumar cleared the doubts of the students.

In the end, Dr. S Mekala, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, rendered the vote of thanks to the Management, Resource Speaker, Principal, Vice-Principal and Board of Management for the opportunity given, and staff and students for their active participation in the Webinar.

The Speaker offered his constant support to the faculty and students in future, through continuing interactions and ongoing discussions. This program was technically coordinated by Mr. Niranjan. L, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, MVJCE. The Mathematics Department offered thanks to the ITHELPDESK for giving good technical support.

Outcome of the Guest Lecture

The Guest Lecture program was very useful to the students as well as teachers, to build and strengthen their knowledge in differential equations and their applications. Students gained knowledge in the applications of differential equations.  They also learnt about the Applications of Differential Calculus and Linear Algebra in Engineering Science, through this Guest lecture.