March 17, 2018

Guest Lecture on Computational Modeling


Department of ISE conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Computational Modeling’,on 17-3-2018, in Seminar Hall 4, from 10:30a.m to 12:30 p.m. All the semester students from theDepartment of ISE attendedthe guest lecture. The speaker for the guest lecture was Dr. SnehanshuSaha, Professor of Dept. Of CSE, PES University-South Campus, He is also Director of Center for Applied Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (CAMMS).

With the increasing amounts of data being generated in diverse fields such as astronomical sciences, health and life sciences, financial and economic modeling, climate modeling, market analysis, and even defense, there is an enhancedneed for computational methods that can automatically analyze and learn predictive models from such data. Dr. Snehanshu explained various types of computational modeling algorithmsand concept of supervised and unsupervised algorithms for categorical and continuous domains.

Outcome of the event:Students understood the use ofcomputational models to address a given research hypothesis, and toqualify the limitations of these models.