October 13, 2018

Guest Lecture on “Demystifying sustainability” by Dr. Ashok Menon


Event: Guest Lecture on Demystifying sustainability was delivered by Dr. Ashok Menon, Global Technology Leader, SABIC Technology Centre, Bangalore, India.

Date of Event: 13.10.2018

Time: 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

Venue: Seminar Hall No. 4

Dr. ASHOK MENON is the Global Technology Leader, SABIC Technology Centre, Bangalore, India. His responsibilities include establishing and leading global teams on COE of Life Cycle Assessments, for assessing and minimizing the environmental impact of SABIC’s products, processes, and services across the value chain of the organization. His team helps to enable SABIC’s carbon price strategy, energy efficiency programs, development of marketing claims, building of sustainable technology pipeline and supply chain initiatives, by instilling life cycle thinking and related assessment methodology. He is also responsible for coordinating the Sustainability Annual Report, for the entire SABIC.

Chemical Engineering Department is proud to announce that it successfully organized a Guest lecture on ‘Demystifying sustainability’, by this eminent Guest Speaker. The lecture was very educative and informative to students as well as faculty.

The session was hosted by Ms. Anju Sruthi of 5th Semester, and started with a Welcome Note to our Guest and to all the students of 3rd, 5th, and 7th Semester and faculty, Chemical Engineering Department. This was followed by an Invocation song by Mr. Aditya Prabhu of 5th Semester. The Guest was introduced to the gathering by faculty Ms. Kezia Buruga, after which Dr. Ashok Menon took to the stage and started with the lecture. The lecture was followed by a questionnaire and students interacted with the speaker expressing their views on sustainability and also on career guidance. The program concluded with a Vote of Thanks by faculty Ms. Keerthi K Pai.

The world today is facing serious threats of global warming which is one of the key concerns to be addressed. Hence, the program was focused on sustainability and the speaker effectively delivered the need for demystifying sustainability in today’s world. Additionally, he demonstrated how the progress in science and technology is inadvertently affecting our environment and how it can be effectively mitigated. He gave a detailed idea about generation of carbon footprints and greenhouse gases. He also focused on life cycle assessment (LCA) and sustainable development goals (SDGS).

Outcomes of Event

The Guest lecture on ‘Demystifying sustainability’ by Dr. Ashok Menon was extremely inspiring to the students. The students were educated in detail about Sustainability, a topic which has been receiving significant attention, recently. They were prodded to think about the need, necessity and routes for achieving sustainability. They also understood the problems faced due to development in science and technology, and how these issues can be tackled.  The students also interacted with the speaker regarding their career prospects and were enlightened with career goals and ways to achieve them. Overall, the guest lecture was extremely interesting, and educative.

Ms. Kezia Buruga, AP
Staff Coordinator