June 6, 2019

Guest Lecture on Differential Equations and its Applications


Department of Mathematics, MVJ College of Engineering has organized a Guest Lecture on          24th  May 2019.  Dr. V. Senthilkumar , Principal Scientist , Computational Industrial Mechanics Programme , CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute , NAL, Old Airport Road, Bangalore-560037 was the expert guest speaker for the lecture.  Ms. Prerana, 1st Year B.E, Department of Computer science engineering branch sung the invocation song at the start of guest lecture held in Dr. M V Jayaraman Auditorium at 11.10 AM.

Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram, Principal, MVJ College of Engineering, welcomed the guest speaker with a bouquet. Dr. Nidhi Vaishnaw (Head of the Department of Mathematics) introduced the expert speaker to the audience.  All the branches of 1st Year B.E around 900 students have attended the guest lecture. The speaker enlightened the students on the applications of the Differential Equations in different engineering fields.

Dr. V. Senthilkumar, explained the Differential equations in day to day life and its applications in the following areas in engineering

  • Why Differential equations ?
  • Basics of Differential equations and its Applications in Civil, Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Mathematical Modeling of Ordinary Differential equations in Engineering fields and Research Area.
  • Numerical methods to solve Differential Equations.
  • Real world problems.

The lecture was followed by a question and answer session.  Dr. Nidhi Vaishnaw (Head of the Department, Mathematics) honored the expert guest speaker with a momentum.  Ms. Leena, I B.E, ECE delivered the Vote of Thanks.  The program came to an end at 12.30 PM.

The event was a good platform for the students to get the knowledge of Differential equations in our day to day life and its applications in engineering.

We express our thanks to the Management, Principal, Vice-Principal and Dean for permitting and arranging the Guest Lecture, the faculty members for accompanying to the venue and being supportive. It was a great learning and exploring experience and a highly educative one too.

Outcome of the Guest Lecture:

  1. V. Senthilkumar motivated the students through his lecture.
  2. 900 students and 14 faculty members benefited from Guest Lecture.
  3. He shared his experience in the variety of applications of Differential equations in Engineering.