March 27, 2019

Guest Lecture on ‘Recent Trends in Data Mining’


Date of the Event 23.03.2019
Title of the Event Guest Lecture on ‘Recent Trends in Data Mining’
Organized by Information Science and Engineering Department
Name of Resource Speaker Mr. Sripad Ravindranath, Senior Data Science Engineer,

The Department of Information Science & Engineering, MVJCE, organized a guest lecture on ‘Recent Trends in Data Mining’, on 23rd March 2019, at 10:30 am, in Smt. Rajalakshmi Jayaraman Seminar Hall, MVJCE. 142 students from the Departments of ISE and CSE were present at the Guest Lecture.

The main aim of this Guest Lecture was to strengthen in students, application-oriented knowledge on Data Mining. Mr. Sripad Ravindranath given a presentation which included an Introduction to Data Mining, its significance, different Data Mining techniques, their applications and sample mining and data analytic tools. He introduced the students to industry concepts like ‘Pattern extraction using data mining’, ‘IoT for biometric extraction’, ‘golden data’, and proceeded to explain how data warehouses are used to share information among the various departments and branches of a company, from around the globe.

Mr. Sripad also insisted that students go through various other data mining concepts such as Vizury, Bsod, Rolap, Holap, Molap, Nbps, as this will be an added advantage for their placement in Data Mining based companies.

There was an interactive Question and Answer session following the presentation, and the programme came to an end with the proposing of Vote of Thanks.

Outcome of the Event:

Students understood the significance of Data Base, Data Structure, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Big Data and Map Reduce, as developing technologies. They also got to know the importance of analysis of big data in real time for fast response, so that the user can take correct decisions. Moreover, they gained knowledge in underlying technologies like Hadoop and Map-reduce demonstrated with a data set. Overall, the Lecture provided an interactive atmosphere between the resource person and the participants.