April 1, 2019

Guest Lecture: Power System Stability


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a Guest Lecture on the topic ‘Power System Stability’. This lecture was organized on 23rd March 2019, at Classroom No. 119. The event started at 10.30 am and concluded at 12.30 pm. The 6th and 8th semester students and the faculty of the EEE Department attended the lecture.

The lecture was delivered by Mr. P V Praveen Gautam, Senior Domain Engineer, ABB GISPL. His area of expertise includes power system operation and control, power system stability, dynamics and power system protection among other things. In the course of the lecture, he explained about the basics of power system, power flow and power system stability.

The idea behind arranging this lecture was to enlighten the students with content beyond their syllabus, in the area of power system operation and stability.

The term ‘Power system stability’ is used to define the ability of the system to bring back its operation to steady state condition within a minimum possible time, after having undergone any transience or disturbance. From the 20th century till recent times, all major power generating stations across the globe have mainly relied on AC system as the most effective and economical option, for generation and transmission of electrical power.
Power system stability is also referred to as ‘synchronous stability’, and is defined as the ability of the system to return to synchronism after having undergone some disturbance due to switching on and off of load, or due to line transience. To understand stability well, another factor needs to be considered, and that is, the stability limit of the system. The stability limit defines the maximum power permissible to flow through a particular part of the system for which it is subjected to line disturbances or faulty flow of power.

Outcome of the Guest Lecture:

The students were able to enhance their knowledge about power system and its significance. Students gained knowledge on power flow and power system stability.