April 1, 2019

Guest Lecture


Department of Chemistry, MVJCE Organised a guest lecture on 21.03.2019 for second semester chemistry cycle students at Smt.Rajalakshmi Jayaraman seminar hall at 10.45 AM.

Date of the event 21.03.2019
Title of the Event Advances in superconducting materials and fuel cells
Organised by(Department name) Chemistry department
Name of department event coordinators Dr.Ramachandran A, Professor, Dept of Chemistry & Ms.Manjula M, AP, HOD, Dept of Chemistry

Dr.M.Shekar Kumar, a distinguised scientist, Former Additional Director, Central Power Research institute, Bangalore presented his lecture on “ Advances in superconducting Materials and Fuel cells”.  He explained the basics of superconductivity and subsequently emphasized the importance of superconducting materials for various applications, especially to control the power loss during transmission. He demonstrated  manufacturing techniques of superconducting materials for commercial scale.

Further, he illustrated  solid oxide fuel cell working mechanism . He elaborated the advantages of solid oxide fuel cell over thermal power and solar power production.

Outcome of the event

The students at the end of the session understood the basics and importance of superconducting materials and also the advantages of solid-oxide fuel cell.