March 27, 2019

Home Security & Automation using IoT


The developed project is a flexible, expandable, and complete DIY smart home security solution. It is inexpensive and easy to install. The Security System offers a Smoke Detector to alert the user in case of a fire and to automatically open the windows by using a Servo Motor to remove the smoke. Also, the building’s electric supply is designed to be limited to only emergency lights to reduce further damages. A small Exhaust Duct is present to remove excess smoke from the room (building). The security system also includes a Motion Sensor placed in the compound of the user’s home or office to alert the user if an intruder has entered. In case of an Emergency, a Buzzer is triggered to alert the user. A RFID is embedded in this system and is used to securely open the main door of the user’s home or office using a RFID-Card. Only the person with the right information on his card will be allowed to enter.  An Application is created to control the user’s home/office basic electronic devices. This Application enables users to easily connect with various electronic appliances.