March 27, 2019

Immersive Experience using LIDAR


Our project focuses about point cloud LIDAR data generation technology using photogrammetry which is attracting attention as a means of creating 3D model data on construction sites. In our project, 3D point cloud data is used in virtual/augmented reality programs that is generated using a scanning method (photogrammetry) while verifying the usability of the 3D point cloud data by merging the generated data. The objective of this project is to present a more efficient method for the 3D reconstruction and rendering various virtual/augmented reality programs and real time simulations. Utilizing datasets provided by photogrammetry and its derived point cloud data proposed in this abstract, it is possible to quickly derive relatively reliable method to process 3D mapping of atypical surroundings and renders that continually change according to the rendering situation (lighting, shadows, image rendering in the programs).This point cloud data as input, with the help of integrated /dedicated CPU and GPU resources and LIDAR, all the rendered models and environment is mapped together and give a much more pleasing and stable output.

This study is expected to be used an improvement over standard VR/AR programs for better rendering stability and immersive experience solving the current glitches and errors in VR/AR mapping.