September 22, 2018

Industrial Report: AMS India PVT LTD


The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an Industrial Visit to AMS India Pvt. Ltd., Peenya, Bengaluru, on 22nd September 2018, in order to enhance the practical exposure of our students, to vertical and horizontal milling machines. The students of 5th Semester Mechanical Engineering accompanied by Prof. Anjan Kumar R and Prof. Suchith K S reached the company premises as scheduled, at 2.30 pm. The company executive Mr. Sunil Kumar S K and Mr. Yadhunandan welcomed us. After the completion of formalities, the students were given an introduction to the company and safety instructions that are to be followed during the course of the visit.

First, the students were taken to the first production plant to witness the various processes that are involved in the production of horizontal milling machines. Further, the students got an opportunity to observe and learn about various material handling techniques, specifically, Conveyors and Automated Guided Vehicles. Students spent about an hour in this plant.

Post 4.00 pm, the students were taken to the second production plant, where vertical milling machines are produced.  Here, in addition to conventional production techniques, the students were able to gain knowledge about different advanced quality control equipment such as CMMs. The company executive Mr. Sunil Kumar S K explained the sequences of the production processes and quality control techniques. He also took the queries of our students.

The visit ended at 4.30 pm. The students expressed immense satisfaction about the visit, as they were able to gain practical knowledge about the machines which they have studied about in their Manufacturing Processes subject.


Outcome of the Event

The students understood the concept of different manufacturing processes of various products through CNC machines in Mechanical Industries, in order to have the precisely dimensioned components, as per customer requirements.