January 16, 2019

Industrial Visit – Integrated Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore


A one-day Industrial Visit to Integrated Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd. Peenya, Bangalore, was organized by the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, on 17th November 2018. It was a full day experience for 47 students of the 5th semester, accompanied by 2 faculty members.

Integrated Electric Co.Pvt.Ltd. has specialized in designing and manufacturing electric motors. The facility has two separate sites for AC and DC motors. Students, along with faculty, were divided into two groups of 25 students in each group, and we alternatively visited the two sites..

Mr. Kumaraswamy, Asst. Manager of the AC motors department guided us throughout our visit. Various designs of motors used for different applications – from very small motors of 7.5kW used for lathe machines to large motors of 55kW power used for high torque applications like cranes – were exhibited. Students gained knowledge about number of leads, conductors, insulation material, size, specifications and brushes, since they were able to see the manufacturing process.  Some of the techniques used for varnishing, winding conductors, assembly of rotor and stator, coupling two different motors were also explained. Tests such as Polarity test, Swinburne’s test, Resistance test etc. were programmed in simple devices which reduce man power and time.

Working models were also demonstrated to the students. Various rating and different application motors were also shown to them. Undoubtedly, the Industrial Visit was a great benefit for the students.

Outcome of the event:

  1. Students gained knowledge about the construction of AC machines and DC machines, and their working.
  2. Students understood the various testing methods that are available for testing machines.