February 27, 2019

INDUSTRIAL VISIT – Powerica Limited, Bengaluru


A one-day Industrial Visit to Powerica Limited, Bangalore, was organized by the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, on 22nd February 2019. It was a full day experience for 43 students of the 6th semester, accompanied by 2 faculty members Dr. Galiveeti Hemakumar Reddy and Prof. Jeanmary Jose.

Powerica Ltd. is an end-to-end power solution provider in conventional diesel-based, standby and prime power applications. Powerica Ltd. specializes in manufacturing, marketing, installation, commissioning, after-sales servicing and maintenance contracts of acoustic enclosures, fuel & exhaust systems and power & control systems, of complete diesel generator sets.

During the visit, students and faculty members divided into two groups of 21 and 22 students, visited the various sections. Mr. Mahesh, Asst. Engineer, guided the students throughout their visit. Various stages in the manufacture of acoustic enclosures, fuel & exhaust systems and power & control systems, were explained in detail. Students gained knowledge about diesel engines, synchronous generators, coupling of diesel engines and alternators, along with the various steps involved in DG set assembling. Students got an insight into various quality testing methods used for testing the different equipment used in DG sets.

DG sets of various ratings, ranging from 7.5 kVA to 2750 kVA, were shown to the students and their applications explained. Undoubtedly, the Industrial Visit was a great boon for the students.

Outcome of the event:

  • Students gained knowledge about DG sets of different capacities.
  • Students understood the various testing methods that are available for testing DG sets.
  • Students understood the process of assembling DG sets.