October 14, 2019



An Industrial Visit to DDTC, BSNL, was scheduled for 4th semester students of the Electronics and Communication Department, on 23rd and 24th September, 2019.

70 students undertook this visit. They were divided into two batches of 37 and 33 students. On the first day (23/09/19), 37 students, along with two faculty members, embarked on the visit. On the second day (24/09/19), 33 students, also accompanied by two faculty members, went on the visit. On both the days, the college bus took the groups to the venue. The group started at 8.30 am from the college and reached the BSNL venue at 10.30 am.

The training principal, Mrs. Meera, welcomed the students and faculty at the venue. Then the Divisional Engineer Mr. Krishnamurthy divided the students into 3 groups, to visit different modules, namely, Switching, Transmission and MDF (Main distribution function). At each module, the personnel of BSNL attended to the students and explained about the modules to them.

At the Switching module, students learnt about the practical aspects of call making and receiving. They were taught how to create the calling number and how to check the dial tone.

At the Transmission module, students were briefed about OFC communication and its uses, advantages and applications. The students were shown the cables and their working procedure.

In the MDF module, students learnt about the requirement of the main distribution function. They were briefed about line side and exchange side of MDF. They were shown   the functioning parts of the distribution unit.

The visit came to an end at 1.30 pm, and the group returned to the college at 3.00 pm. The students found the visit very informative and interesting. The faculty and Industrial Coordinators of the Department express their sincere thanks to the Management, Principal, Vice-Principal and HOD, for permitting students and facilitating this informative visit.

Outcome of the Event

Students witnessed the various technical processes involved in live switching of telephone links at regional level. Moreover, they gained knowledge about the different types of switch boxes and links used for internet and voice communication.