October 1, 2019

Industrial Visit to C-DAC


An Industrial Visit to C-DAC was organized by Dr. S K Manju Bargavi, Associate Professor and Industrial Visit Coordinator of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. On receiving the letter of invitation from Mr. Aswath Rao, Head, C-DAC, the 5th semester students from CSE enrolled into this program and went for the industrial visit to C-DAC, Bangalore, on September 24, 2019. 58 students, accompanied by  Dr. Sindhanaiselvan (Associate Professor – Department of CSE) and Mrs. Aileen Emelda (Assistant Professor – Department of CSE), assembled in the college at 12.40 pm, and left for the destination in the college bus.

They reached C-DAC Knowledge Center at around 2.30 pm, and were received by the staff who guided them to the Conference Hall. The students and faculty members were received here by Mr. Aswath Rao, Head, C-DAC, who gave a briefing about the organization and the functions of C-DAC.

called PARAM Padma-II Mrs. Divya, Technical Officer, C-DAC received us at the SUPER COMPUTING LABORATORY and gave a brief session about the lab. She introduced us to the super computer installed in the lab – which is the enhanced version of the earlier one. She also gave a lecture on how a super computer works, with examples of the different services which are given by C-DAC for government and industrial organizations. It has a type of aquarium where CPUs and memory units are placed.

She explained about the Intel Xeon-Phi (KNL) cores, AIX 5.3L on power 4 cluster and AIX 5.3 L on Power 5 cluster (Clustering monitoring tools) which support multithreading and multiprocessing, Grid computing, High performance Computing (HPC), Reconfigurable Computing System (RCS), Rocks 5.0 on RHEL and infini band 20Gbps. Further, she elaborated on the PARAM Yuva-II at C-DAC Pune. It is useful for weather forecasting, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural Mechanics, Bio-informatics and Seismic Data processing.

The resource person of C-DAC informed us about the various projects that they can provide for final year students.

Outcome of the Industrial Visit

The students understood the Super Computing – PARAM Padma-II. They also got familiar with High Performance Computing and Grid Computing. They got to know about DIviA- for debugging a parallel program tool and Metric Advisor – software engineering metrics tool developed by C-DAC. By the end of the visit, the students got a clear idea about the real time applications of super computers, in various industries.