March 25, 2019

Industrial Visit to CMMAC-CSIR fourth Paradigm Institute – HPC centre


Date of the Event 15.03.2019
Title of the Event Industrial Visit to CMMAC-CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute – HPC Centre
Organized by Information Science and Engineering Department
Name of Event Coordinators Dr. Muzammil Hussain, ASCP, Dept. of ISE & Mr. Kumar R, AP, Dept. of ISE

The department of Information Science and Engineering, MVJCE, organized an Industrial Visit on 15th March 2019, for 4th semester ISE students, to CMMAC-CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute – HPC Centre, Bangalore. The students, along with the faculty members Dr. Muzammil Hussain and Mr. Kumar R, started at 9.15 am from the college in the college bus, and reached the venue at 10.40 am.

After security check, students and faculty members were received by Senior Scientist Mr. Pabhu, who took us to the CMMAC Conference Room, where they listened to a lecture which enlightened them on the following concepts:

  • The functionalities, operations and various divisions of their institution.
  • High-performance computing (HPC), using supercomputers.
  • Applications of High-performance computing (HPC) (e.g. ocean modelling, weather forecasting, health care system etc.)
  • Evolution of Supercomputer – convecx3820 (1994), altix (2001–2012), Ananta (present CSIR super computer).
  • Characteristics and architecture of the Supercomputer clusters (like computing platform, cores, cluster parallel file system, memory in FLOPS etc.)
  • Data center features in reference to tier-3 complaint, UPS features, Internet and storage capacity.
  • Different Supercomputers – SERC (IISC), ananta (CMMAC) etc. in India, and NRCPS (China), Cray (USA) etc., around the world.

After this lecture, the students were taken to the Super computing facility, to see supercomputers. Their structure, data collection and processing methods were explained in detail.

In the end, at around 1.00 pm, we had a group photo taken with Mr. Pabhu, as a memory of our fruitful visit to the place, and returned to our college.

Outcome of the event:

Students gained a thorough knowledge on ‘Data Analytics’ – about its advantages, and its extensive use in today’s world. They understood how the samples of information collected from various sources can be turned into real time data and predictions. They gained practical knowledge on how Supercomputers work, how load balancing can be performed on High performance computing, with various real time applications.