September 10, 2019

Industrial Visit to CSIR-4PI


An industrial visit to CSIR-4PI was organized by  Dr. S.K. Manju bargavi, Associate Professor and Industrial Visit coordinator of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. On receiving the letter of invitation from Mr. R.P. Thangavel, Chief-Scientist, CSIR-4PI, the 5th semester students from CSE, enrolled into this program went for the industrial visit to CSIR-4PI, Bangalore on August 28, 2019. A total of 60 students, accompanied by Dr. S.K. Manju bargavi (Associate Professor Department of CSE) and Mrs. Pushpalatha (Assistant Professor, Department of CSE) assembled in the college at 11.35 AM and left for the destination in the college bus.

They reached CSIR-4PI, NAL-Belur Campus at around 1.10 PM and were received by the staff who guided them the Conference hall. The students and faculty members are received by the Dr.Prabhu, Sr. Technical Officer, High Performance Computing (HPC) and gave a brief introduction in an interactive seminar session. The seminar included a little history about Supercomputer, the applications in fields such as oceans, earth science, atmospheres, etc. and various uses of HPC, examples of various HPC, the working principle of HPC. The doubts of the students were also cleared.

Following the seminar session, the students went in groups to see and gain more information about the Supercomputer present at CSIR, its working, maintenance process, expenditures and also the healthful steps taken to prevent accidents. Students discussed about the internships processes, who had interest in researching and working with Supercomputer.

Mr.Ashok, Program Engineer, CSIR-4PI explained about the Mathematical modelling approaches for illuminating the structure and evolution of the complex systems, computer simulation in the fields of ocean, atmosphere, earth science and engineering involve computational tasks which can only be provided by Supercomputers. The need for computational power, measured in terms of FLOPS, Giga Floating Point Operations per Seconds (GFLOPS) and PFLOPS grows exponentially with every bit of increase in the complexity of problem

Outcomes of the Industrial Visit:

The students acquired knowledge about the Supercomputers(HPC) and its memory capacity utilized in various fields to provide momentous technological intervention with regard to the societal endeavor including geographical area, health, energy and other sectors. By the end of the visit, they got a clear idea about the Supercomputer and its real time applications.