September 5, 2019



Hospital Visit to NIMHANS, Bengaluru

As part of the curriculum, the students of the Department of Medical Electronics, along with two faculty members, visited NIMHANS Hospital, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, on 30th August, 2019, to have an overview of Medical Electronics Equipment. The visit to the hospital was coordinated and guided by Mrs. Sindu G (HOD – Bio-Medical Engineering Department) and her team at NIMHANS Hospital. At MVJCE, the Hospital Visit was organized by the Assistant Professors in our Department of Medical Electronics, Mrs. Anu Joy and Mrs. Shilpa N. The student participants were from the 5th and 7th semesters of the Medical Electronics Department. 16 students participated and benefited from the Hospital Visit.

The objective of the visit was to motivate the students to develop a strong grip on the basic models of medical equipment and to make them realize the importance of developing applications on these equipment. The visit would surely prepare the students for their future career in the industry through understanding of the medical equipment operation, in real time.

The students and faculty members started from the college at 8.30 am and reached the hospital by 10:15 am. The visit started with an Introduction to NIMHANS Hospital and its Biomedical Department, by Mr. Jain, Bio-Medical Engineer. The students were taken around different departments of the hospital, to have a real time experience on the many bio-medical equipment used here. The students had an opportunity to learn about the working of many of the latest equipment like CT Scans, MRI, Physiotherapy equipment, EEG, EMG, Rehabilitation, Laboratory equipment etc. The students also visited the Brain Museum where they got an insight into the functionalities of the human brain, and the abnormalities associated with it.

The Hospital Visit ended by 1.45 pm, and the students and faculty members returned to the college by 3.30 pm. The visit was a great learning experience.  We express our thanks to the Management, Principal, Vice Principal and Head of Department for permitting and arranging the Industrial Visit, and the faculty members for accompanying the students to the venue and being supportive.

The list of students who undertook the Industrial Visit to NIMHANS Hospital:

Sl. No. USN Name
    1. 1MJ17ML003 Bindu J
2. 1MJ17ML004 Chaitra B Hathwar
3. 1MJ17ML005 Divya N T
4. 1MJ17ML006 Haseeba Kousar
5. 1MJ17ML007 Kirthana C
6. 1MJ17ML008 Namratha K
7. 1MJ17ML010 Niveditha Balaji
8. 1MJ17ML011 Pooja Singh K S
9. 1MJ17ML012 Pritisha
10. 1MJ17ML013 Ranjitha
11. 1MJ17ML014 Revunuru Kavya Reddy
12. 1MJ17ML015 Sai Anjani Mahitha. V
13. 1MJ17ML016 Shreya. B Pattankude
14. 1MJ17ML017 Thanmayee B N
15. 1MJ15ML017 Syeda Ameena
16. 1MJ15ML014 Sowmya M Lola

Glimpses from the Hospital Visit to NIMHANS Hospital, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, on 30th August, 2019:


  • The students got an insight into the industry perspective of Medical Electronics Engineering.
  • The students understood and experienced the real time operation of many Medical Electronics equipment.
  • The students got a clear idea about the role of a Medical Electronics Engineer, in a hospital.
  • The visit helped the students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world environment.