October 18, 2019

Industrial Visit to Phoenix RMC Plant


The Department of Civil Engineering, MVJCE, organized an Industrial Visit to Phoenix RMC Plant (Survey No. 138, Bodanahosahalli Anugondanahalli, Hobali, Hoskote Taluk, Bengaluru), on Friday (27.09.2019). The visit was undertaken by 3rd year Under graduate students (95 students). The students were accompanied by faculty members Prof. Shambhavi Tadkal , Prof. Thilak and Prof. Prerana Agarwal. The main objective of the visit was to give students an insight into concrete and its preparation in the RMC plant.

The site in-charge Mr. Kalia (Manager) gave the preliminary information about the casting yard. Mr. Dayanand (Plant Supervisor) explained about the software programme used for selecting the quantity of materials, depending upon the grade. The Site Manager also took students to the laboratory, to brief them on the significance of quality check before casting.

The following concepts were covered in the visit:

  • Materials used
  • Quality control and Testing practices
  • Method of Software programming
  • Site Safety and Management


The Field Visit gave students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, and co-relate theoretical concepts to field work. This partly satisfies PO: 4 – Conduct Investigation on Complex Problems, PO: 5 – Modern Tool Usage and PO: 12 – Life Long Learning in the field of Civil Engineering.