Data Structure Lab

This laboratory course enables students to:

  • Compute the time and space complexity of searching and sorting algorithms with asymptotic notations.
  • Implement all the operations of linear data structures to store and retrieve the given data.
  • Apply Algorithm for solving problems like sorting, searching, insertion and deletion of data
  • Create a hierarchical data structure to represent the given data using tree data structure.
  • Design graph algorithms to compute the shortest path of the given graph and to identify the Minimum spanning tree.

Analog & Digital Electronics Lab

This laboratory course enables students to:

  • Demonstrate various Electronic Devices like Cathode ray Oscilloscope, Signal generators, Digital Trainer Kit, Multimeters and components like Resistors, Capacitors, Op amp and Integrated Circuit.
  • Examine and verify different analog circuits.
  • Design and demonstrate various combinational logic circuits.
  • Design and demonstrate various types of counters and Registers using Flip-flops
  • Design and demonstrate the working of DAC

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