April 5, 2022

MATLITE Club Activity – PI Day Celebration


The Department of Mathematics, MVJ College of Engineering organized an event ‘Mathematical Reasoning’ and an invited talk on the occasion of International PI Day – 2022, on 14th March 2022.

The event started at 8.30 am in Rajalakshmi Seminar Hall, with an introduction to the MATLITE Club event, ‘Mathematical Reasoning’. At this event, 17 groups of students, with 2 students in each group, presented their models in Mathematics. 2 groups were selected as qualifiers for the first and second prizes, based on their performance.

Our Management appreciated the winners, by awarding cash prizes and certificates.

The details of the winners:
First Prize: Abhinav Kumar Upadhyay and Vaibhav Kumar P of 1st semester ‘F’ section.
Second Prize: Kundavai Nachiaar Y and Katherine John Kennedy of 1st semester ‘I’ section.
This event was followed by an invited talk by the Chief Guest Dr. Venky Krishnan, TIFR (CAM), Bangalore, in the M V Jayaraman Auditorium, at 11.30 am. All the first-year students and faculty members attended the session.

The session started with an invocation song by first year student Prerana, followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. Dr. P Mahabaleswarappa, Principal MVJCE, welcomed the audience and the Guest Speaker. He highlighted the origin and importance of PI. He also explained why PI Day is celebrated on 14th March.

Dr. Varalakshmi M, HOD, Department of Mathematics, introduced the Chief Guest to the audience.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Venky Krishnan gave a talk on ‘Why study Mathematics? Some Theory and Applications’. In this talk, he gave some theoretical and applied motivations for Mathematics as a subject of pursuit. Later on, he gave some simple to state, but possibly difficult to prove, conjectures. He also presented some applications of Mathematics in the fields of imaging and other allied areas and its importance.

After the presentation, a Q&A session was conducted where the Guest Speaker addressed the queries of the attendees.
The Chief Guest, along with the Principal and HOD (Mathematics), honoured the winners of the event ‘Mathematical Reasoning’, with cash prizes and certificates. Participation certificate were given to all the students who participated in the event.

The session concluded with vote of thanks to MVJ Management, Principal, Vice Principal and COE of MVJCE for having given this opportunity to celebrate International Pi Day. A special mention to ITHELPDESK and team for their technical support during the session.

Outcome of the Event
The event enabled the students to understand the necessity of learning Mathematics in the field of Engineering. Also, the students worked as a team which made them understand the importance of teamwork. Moreover, it motivated them to explore many applications in Mathematics, related to Engineering.

The session enabled the attendees to build and strengthen their knowledge in Mathematical Modeling and its applications, in the present scenario.