February 21, 2019



The Physical Education Department organized the event ‘MVJ STAFF SPORTS – 2019′, from 30th January 2019 to 31st January 2019, at the MVJ College Campus. The two-day event started at 9:30 am on 30th January 2019 and ended at 4:30 pm on 31st January 2019.

The MVJ staff Sports Meet was a fun-filled event, with the teaching and non-teaching staffs showing a keen interest in participating in all the games, with great enthusiasm and sporting spirit. The games were conducted in various venues as per the schedule, with dedicated efforts from the concerned sports coordinators. More than 300 teaching and non-teaching staff took part in the event. There were separate events for men and women. The names of the winners, runners-up and individual achievers were noted, for awarding prizes.

Day 1: 30th January 2019 – Wednesday

The event started with an Inauguration at 9:30 am, with the watering of a plant by our beloved Dr. Nagaraj Sitaram (Principal – MVJCE), along with Dr. Ananthi (ECE Department), Mr. Muralidhar (CV Department), Mr. Naveen Bala A (Maths Department) and Mr. Uday (PED), in the presence of all the participating staff members of MVJCE.

The events for the day were 100 mts Race for Senior Staff, (above 40 years of age), Bomb in the City (Men and Women), Blind Hitting the Target (Women), Cricket (Men), Shotput (Men and Women), Chess (Women) and Carrom (Women). These events were conducted as per the schedule of the Sports Meet, and ended at 4 pm.

Day 2: 31st January 2019 – Thursday

The day started with the event Volleyball for Men category, at around 9 am, in the MVJCE Sports ground. 8 teams competed in this event. The events for the second day were Volleyball (Men), Shuttle Badminton (Women), Table Tennis (Men), Throwball (Women), Carrom (Men), Chess (Men), Musical Chairs (Women), Basketball shooting (Men), not to forget the last big event, Tug of War (Men and Women).

All games were successfully completed as per the two-day schedule, and the names of the Winners, Runners-up and individual achievers were recorded, for awarding prizes.

The MVJ staff Sports Meet 2019 concluded with our National Anthem led by Mr. Uday, Physical Education Director, at 4.30 pm.


Men’s Category:

  • Volleyball (6+2 = 8 per team)
  • Cricket (11+1 =12 per team)
  • Tug of War (10 per team)
  • Table Tennis (Singles)
  • Chess
  • Shotput
  • 50 mts Running (above 40years of age)
  • Bomb in the City
  • Basketball Shooting
  • Carrom (Doubles)

Women’s Category:

  • Throwball (7+1 = 8 per team)
  • Shuttle Badminton (Doubles)
  • Carrom (Doubles)
  • Shotput
  • Musical Chairs
  • Tug of War (10 per team)
  • Chess
  • Bomb in the City
  • Blind Hit



Sl. No. Name of the Event Winner (1st place) Runner-Up (2nd Place) 3rd Place
01 Volleyball (M) ECE Group ME + CH Group
02 Cricket (M) IEM + ML + B.S Group ME + CH Group
03 Chess (M) Mr. Rohith Kumar (AE) Mr. Niranjan (IEM)
04 Carom (M) Mr. Naveen Bala A (MAT)
Mr. Franklin (Office)
Mr. Sandeep (ME)
Mr. Niranjan (IEM)
05 Blind Hit (W) Mrs. Shreyanka (CV) Mrs. Chaithra D (CH) Mrs. Poorva (EEE)
06 Bomb in the City (M) Dr. Hameem Shanvas (EC) Mr. Gopinath.M (HK)
07 Shotput (M) Mr. Shiva Kumar (CV) Mr. Bhanu Teja (EC) Mr. Naveen Bala A(MAT)
08 Shotput (W) Mrs. Vijitha U G (TE) Mrs. Gowthami (EC) Mrs. Ashwini H.K (CS)
09 Chess (W) Mrs. Manju Bargavi (CS) Mrs. Nisha M (CV)
10 Carom (W) Mrs. Ayesha (EEE)

Mrs. Nandini (EEE)

Mrs. Shwetha (ME)

Mrs. Akshitha (ME)

11 Basketball Shooting (M) Dr. Sateesha (Maths) Mr. Sachin Katti (ML) Mr. Arun (IEM)
12 Shuttle Badminton (W) Mrs. Aupama (CV)

Mrs. Shreyanka (CV)

Mrs. Vijitha  U G (TE)

Mrs. Girijamba (LIB)

13 Throwball (W) CH + B.S Group CIVIL Group
14 Tug of War (M) IEM + ML+ B.S Group ME Group
15 Tug of War (W) EEE + ECE Group CIVIL Group
16 100 mt Run (Men Senior) Dr. Srinivasan (AE) Mr. Parthiban (AE) Mr. Thirupatayya (MBA)
17 Table Tennis (M) Mr. Sachin Katti (ML) Mr. Raghavendra (CV)
18 Musical Chairs (W) Mrs. Shima (EC) Mrs. Premalatha (IS) Mrs. R Manjula (H.K)
19 Bomb in the City (W) Mrs. Nisha. M (CV) Mrs. Jeanmary (EEE)



The entire teaching and non-teaching staff of MVJ College of Engineering showed their zeal not only in their sporting skills, but also in their ability to socialize with colleagues from various departments, exhibiting superb team spirit.